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an extremely rare (if not extinct) Chinese dolphin.
Ghosts mostly hide in places they think they didn't finish something, or a place were they loved most and they didn't want anything to happen to that place that they loved most. So what happeneds is if you see a ghost just remember your in a place were something wasn't finished or just to protect it...
anterior fontanel is found between the frontal bone and two parietal bones
I slingshotted him with a rubber band and u should try it to but u should try it behind ur dads back or he will get mad at u! i missed my brother and he throught it at my chest with the medal part and my dad got mad at me ikr crazy! im so mad right now i hope this works with u cus it didnt for me!...
existing technologies are perfected.
David Phillip Vetter (September 21, 1971 - February 22, 1984) was a boy from Shenandoah,Texas, United States who suffered from a rare genetic disease now known as severe combined immune deficiency syndrome (SCID). Forced to live in a sterile environment, he became popular with the media as the boy...
The U.S. is never mentioned, by any name. Obama's Progressives will destroy the U.S. and be a non-player/a no-show at Armageddon.
To you, it may seem like a budgie is "kissing", but really they are preening each other or they are saying "hello."
Justin Lieberman
3inches by my count because i know that and how i put a tape measure to my and looked then when i woke up i grew 3intches
He is still alive ive done alot of research and i no that the falldidnt kill him that kid who said Sarah and Ryan are still alive andhe walked them home the first part is true the second part is fake,but send me a message on some findings. Tell me what you have weneed to find them, but don't get...
You don't. She's not real.
It means that your beta human chorionic gonadotropin blood serum level has been tested and has come back with a value of 1.2 nanograms per mililiter (ng/ml). This converts to exactly 18 milli-International Units (mIU). The conversion is 1 ng/ml = 15 mIU. Hope this helps!!
The names of the characters on the tv show are: Tinky-Winky (Blue) Dipsy (Green) Laa-Laa (Yellow) Po (Red)
no they do not young lad -Captain Cookie
Yes by exscerting to much pressure to the lower intestinal area causing it to blow out you rectum
Because it can go the opportunity
Yes, you can actually look up the former Penthouse Pet and pornstar on YouTube. She is escorting out of Prague.
Buy the carts and you'll get some.
Two by the hand, one by the feet, one by the breasts, one in the mouth, two in the vagina and one in the rectum. So at least seven.
Also, by electron charge, are you referring to the opposite ofelementary charge? The systematic name is monohydrogencarbonate(-1), this tells you the formal charge, as would simplyadding the charges using the chemical formula of bicarbonate.[HCO3]-
If you buy a gift card from the cash shop and sell it in your user shop you can.
William Bradford established Plymouth. A town for Puritans escaping the non-religious tolerance of King James 1
3.75 = 3.75
bloody fast infininite
I am a BidFun user in Australia, so can only speak of my Australian experience. I believe however that BidFun is based in the UK and that they have several other international sites. I have won 1 BidFun auction to-date. After spending around $60AU on bids, I won an Apple iPad for $139.72....
lymphocytes and monocytes
They were faster and lasted longer.
The big secret is a formula to enternal life. The little secret isthat Cass'`dad is related to a jester.
Everyone asks who "Pappas" first name was from point break. And the true official first name of pappas is antonio.
you get famous by mailing ur song or your CD to a record business
You don't need the auxiliary gauges in a four cylinder Fiero. It does not suffer from the more intricate needs of the V6 engine that typically requires constant monitoring of the oil pressure. If you are wanting to put one in for asthetics, then you have to first ensure that you actually have all...
west Edmonton mall
No she is not married. She is to young
Well from what i heard there was never a public enemy number 1 but if there was it would be a guy called Brandon barlow but our top agency's are onto him so don't worry too much
Well 99 Club Leicester Square has a capacity of 225, I think that the Comedy Store is about 300-400. Many comedy clubs in London will be rooms above pubs but they can still fit in 40-60 people. For more info about capacity check the 99 Club's website http://99clubcomedy.com/home.html
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Not in a book that has been published recently
Yes, Liam does like Karly. No, wait, he loves her. Karly is just such an idiot/dork that she doesn't see that he likes her. He is always staring at her when she talks, and looks down when she 'accidentally' looks at him. He is in love with her and is too much of an idiot to admit it, only to his...
Carbonated water (also known as club soda, soda water,sparkling water, seltzer water, or fizzy water) is water into which carbon dioxide gas underpressure has been dissolved. ... This process, known ascarbonation, is a process that causes the water to becomeeffervescent.
Slows the loss of heat from the body's core
Yes they do a lot especially mines p.u
They were in a straight line because of the type of guns in use in the 1700's. The guns were flintlock and could only fire one shot and by standing in a line they could fire a continual line of fire. This worked by the men in the front firing first and then going down on one knee while the men...
It could kill you if your in/under it. There unpredictable, unless you have people that work in that area purposely cause one so its not a risk they will happen if you yell to loud. They can cover your car to and you'll have to roll down the window and pee yourself out.
the least level for a cog on toontown is level 1. the maximum is level 12. for more info on this go to the toontown guide at toontown.com
He Died of a stroke 1st he had a stroke 2nd was in a coma 3rd Died
Static shock si the kind of shock you get from touching other people.
it was based on the carrots in the garden
I have one signed lower left by Harlow and lower right by Bauer. So I guess that is a yes.
They wanted to come together to attack Africa and steal theirnatural resources
Its fear of hairy toes/toes in general.
For an on campus, California resident, it's about $32,000 per year including room, board, living expenses, campus healthcare, books and food.
fibber is used in are daily nutrients
There are plenty of things you can talk about with a guy. Talk about who you like (as long as its not them) Depending on how old you are talk about *** Talk about what you hate Watch a movie and talk about how bad the graphics or the storyline is Talk about your friends Talk about things you...
You get empathy from your mind by thinking how to solve or stop releasing problems and turn them into happiness
This may come from wet conditions, overhead power lines, and overloaded circuits but there are three main types of electrical hazards: Shock, Arc Flash and Blast and most electrical accidents result from one of the following three factors: unsafe equipment or installation, unsafe environment,...
blod will come from there nose i saw that happen in movis and in real!
Hold down the Alt key and type 139
Well, assuming you have already tried asking them nicely, maybe step it up to a punch in the face? With fair warning of course.
Yes it is, Just read a will made in March 2010
adam kaddour(head officer)
When Zeebarf finishes it. Huh? You mean to say that's a useless answer? Then don't Give answers like those to other people. If you don't know it, don't answer it. To this point in time, Zeebarf has made no postings in their blog about the release date for the next installment of the small favor...
Last Name, First (Given) Name, III
walid kaddour
our beloved eydie has been unavailable the last several years because of a severe fobia,she thinks she is Ethel Merman.most days are pleasnt spent home with hubby steve pretending there on the tonight show with jonny carson.
If you get reported on Smallworlds, usually depending on what you did, a Moderator will come talk to you about the report. If it wasn't so serious they probably will warn you or not visit you at all. If it was serious then you will either be warned or banned temporarily from the site. If it's your...
Jason Eric uses one of these to spear some kangaroos. Mmm tasty.
Your throat is not an organ. The throat contains the larynx andpharynx organs. The larynx, commonly known as the voice box, ispart of your respiratory system. The pharynx behind the mouth andnasal cavity and above the larynx and esophagus.
Only way might be taking it to a jeweler, you cannot hotglue it because until it broke again you would be wearing it forever!!!!!(Or it would be stuck in your jewelry box for a while LOL.)
got to bed early during night time.
go to http://www.sewthankfulblog.com/?p=1479
Linda Cardellini....Love the show!
Typically, wires have a bend radius of 10 times the diameter of the wire. Measuring the inside. This is basically to prevent injury or changes in impedance at the bend. Also note that the tighter the bend can damage the insulation in coaxial or triaxial cables and cause lower dielectric strength...
Who is asking? I was in weather school with him a long time ago, the 1970's. He wrote the meteorology flight training segment for military late 1970's. He wrote a textbook but I think he did under a pen name in 1982 as I recall, with most of the work for that he got from research he did on the...
Amandeep Dhami
CQD it means all stations distress.
It is easy on the eyes
function of a no volt coil