The observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of phenomena is all part of science. Nothing is immune to the scientific process: from charm quarks that haven't existed naturally since the beginning of time to Pluto, recently demoted from planet to dwarf planet. Questions on knowledge about the material and physical aspects of our world are asked and answered here.
Biofertilizers are for environmentalists. Chemical fertilizers getthe job done faster, better and with more interesting reactions.Hint: Look at the base of the flower root three minutes afterapplying any chemical fertilizer, and watch it change colour.
They are at odds with one another within a body or organizism
1)Penetration, 2) Biosynthesis>(Early phase - Middle phase -Late phase ) 3)Gene regulation biochemistry, 4)Maturation andlysis, 5) Productive cycle.
The volcano Mount Vesuvius buried the towns of Pompeii andHerculaneum in the year 79.
Yes, if you add plenty of water. When boiling ham or bacon we oftenput it in water, bring it to the boil, and then discard the first water and replace it for the restof the cooking. This gets rid of some of the salt. However, if youhave a liquid (e.g. a soup or gravy), boiling it will onlyevaporate...
Microbial contamination (such as mold and yeast) can enter after the bottle is opened. Magnesium citrate formulas give microbes an ideal environment to grow.
Oxidation. At high temperature magnesium ignites - and that iscalled combustion.
1 metric ton of dolomite has a volume of approx 0.35 cubic metres.
Oxygen, sulfur and the elements of group 17.
The average annual salary for a mineralogist working in the US isabout $110,000. Salaries can range depending on experience, skill,and hiring company, from $48,000--which is a typical entry levelsalary--to $135,000.
West Lake Okiboji, Iowa To the south of that is Blackhawk Lake, Lake View, Iowa
Because it measues distance between lengths of object of the SI(System Of International Units). Also if you give math the teachera bad answer she might swat you with one!
The area along the Tiber was a good place to settle because it had villages near the river, the rolling land had rich soil that was good for farming, and it also had natural resources such as wood and stone for building. The inland location and hilly country protected settlers of Rome from enemies.
the best light for plants is sun light , put your plants on the window stil or plant outside
Not all elements are radioactive. Only elements having atomicnumber more than 83 are considered having radioactive nature(radio-isotopes). The elements with atomic number less than 83 areconsidered stable. OLDER ANSWER:Theoretically they all are, it is just a matter ofdecay-speed(radioactivity)....
Puerto Lopez de Micay, a small town near the coastline of westernColombia, may be a new contender for the wettest inhabited place inthe world.. Between April 1960 and February 2012, an average annual rainfallof just over 507 inches has been recorded at the weatherobservation station here, including...
Causes of variation is random mutation. Random mutationsconstantly occur in the genomes of organisms; these mutationscreate genetic variation. If all living things were same, we willall use up one type of food as our nutrient source and eventuallywe will run out of food to consume.. making less...
Mercury's atmosphere contains small amounts of hydrogen,helium, and oxygen. It also has even tinier amounts of sodium,potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Some of the gas particles comefrom the solar wind. Others are made by radioactive decay or whenmicrometeorites smash into the surface.
It is suggested you do this to avoid microbial contamination as itattracts moisture from the air. Magnesium Citrate does notdecompose quickly. Under the proper conditions it should still befine to continue using the oral solution after 24 hours. Considerrefrigeration, tightly sealing the bottle, or...
we can do this technique by a proper method.first we have to takethe cut part of a root stem n then grind it by machine n thenspread this solution on chromatographic paper ......when the paperbecomes dry we can see the transition of different colours...
has mount katmai did any damage
The volcanic mountain Haleakala is on the island of Maui, Hawaii, near 20.7° North latitude. (More precisely, it is located at 20°42′35″N, 156°15′12″W in central Maui.)
The neutron has about the same mass as the proton, each hasa mass a tiny amount greater than 1 AMU (atomic mass unit). Theneutron is the smallest bit more massive. The electron has a mass of just a bit over 5/10,000ths of an AMU.Extremely less massive in comparison, isn't it!
Indeed they are. Misconceptions rise about the same geographicfeatures. Like most names, the Rocky mountains was shortened to theRockies because people were too lazy to just say Rocky mountainsand instead said the Rockies, which leads to misconceptions likethis. Similarly, the Canadian Rockies ...
No. There is a single covalent bond between the two atoms of achlorine molecule.
760 kilometers is about 472.242 miles.
Abdominal pain and loss of appetite are very unspecific symptoms.They can stem from pretty much any disorder in thegastroinstestinal tract, and even from disorders elsewhere in thebody. A common gastrointestinal infection by rota- or noroviruses("stomach flu") for example can feel bad but might cure...
They have small holes in their shells.
No, the condition is caused by deficiency of the parathyroid gland.
If you're talking about wind power, then yes. Wind power is a renewable source of energy because wind is anatural, re-usable source. Wind power is generated by windturbines . To put it simply, the wind turns the blades, whichspins a shaft, which connects to a generator, making electricity.The...
The shock absorbers on a car use the viscous properties of oil to absorb energy when the tire hits a bump. Oil is forced to flow through small holes inside the shock absorber as the wheel moves up, and again as it moves down to its normal position. Without shock absorbers, the car would continue...
Generally, the source of energy for cell functions is ATP orAdenosine triphosphate.
"Resin Based Paint" is the liquid in paint that suspends thepigment (leaving the resin behind, obviously) and transports themfrom the paint brush to the wall. The paint then evaporates andleaves the paint film behind.
The traditional answer is probably something like dimensions of a city or agricultural field or aircraft runway. But ANY length can be expressed in miles. The thickness of a human hair (say 100 micrometers) is approximately 6x10^-8 miles.
in the past 50 years, chiese are focus on development the economyby use up the nature resources, that is why the woest eviromentwill appear in bigger city in china
internal respiration is the exchange ofgases between the body cells and blood..
The diagonals of a square bisect each corner or vertex of the square.
no 2 pints = 1/4 gallon
The left overs left behind in the soil as irrigated water forfarming evaporates, which makes the soil water have a higherosmotic content for the plants. A higher concentration of solutesmeans there is a lower amount of water. Therefore, more water willrun/diffuse out of the plants cells right into...
Typewriters & electric or manual calculating machines
Too vague a question. If you mean, does sealing the cup change themass, then no it does not change the mass of the water, though thesealing material would add its own mass to the total.
Depends on the location of the forest. Gray Wolf: The iconic predator of the American North. Wolfpopulations have sprung back in recent years after decades ofdecline. Jaguar: The largest feline in the Americas, the jaguar once rangesinto the Southern US. Now its range is from Mexico to Peru. ...
Most of the chromatographic techniques are meant to characterizeand study the molecules in different states.
JosephAdhémar. PaulÉmile Appell. François Arago. LouisFrançois Antoine Arbogast. Jean-Robert Argand. Léon-François-Antoine Aurifeuille. LéonAutonne.
The ionic charges of group 1 and 2 metals are +1 and +2respectively. Group 15 & 16 the simple mono-atomic ions are -3and -2. Group 17 ions are -1. This can be explained by thefollowing elemnts in groups 1 and 2 lose 1 or 2electrons respectively to achieve a noble gas configuration whereasgroups 15...
Taylor Swift's telathon for Haiti raised $58 million dollars.
Transparent, biconvex intraocular tissue that helps bring rays oflight to a focus on the retina.
Usually we use a mechanical or electrical meter. Gas supplies cansimply drive round a counter. Electricity can be measured inseveral ways, for instance by using part of it to turn a disc whichin turn drives a counter. Essentially we measure how much power weuse and for how long. The unit is usually...
The salinity in isolated seas and salt-water lakes (for example,the Dead Sea) can be considerably greater. SO there's a highsalinity in the Dead Sea. :D
A room and a cell are alike in that they are isolated parts of acollection. The rooms have walls which separate them from the otherrooms of the house, and the cells have cell membranes (and cellwalls for plant cells) which separate them from the other cells inthe tissue. However, you can take the...
There is no such thing as up and down in space, so it just revolvesaround the sun.
Seoul (UTC+9) is always two hours ahead of Hanoi(UTC+7).
The part of the grain that remains after being refined is theendosperm.
1) It is based on atomic number rather than atomic mass. 2) It is most accurate and widely used table.
The length of a midsegment is half that of the parallel side of the triangle; assuming the midsegment is parallel to the [given] base, then its length is 27 ÷ 2 = 13.5 units.
Fluorescent materials are used in illumination, displaying, solidstate lasers,light communication,light memory and so on.
I believe they are things we need in our diet that are eithersimple compounds like water (H2O) or pure elements like iron.
Reidi Seahorses, Coral beauty angelfish, Fire Coral and many more types of coral, algea and more
yes and there are good people and there are bad people. the bad bad bad people love the Satan and the good good people love god and i am from the good people.
Yes, there is a nuclear membrane in interphase. It dissolves inprophase and then reforms in telophase.
Generally the electrons are transfered from the metal elements tothe nonmetalic elements so that both form stable electronconfigurations. For example, in sodium chloride one sodium atomloses an electron so that it has the stable electron configurationof Neon and chlorine gains one electron so that...
Ralph only likes squares of numbers. He likes 25 (5 squared), 400 (20 squared), and 144 (12 squared).
The population of Asia is approximately 4 billion people. Thecontinent takes up nearly 10 percent of the land on the entireplanet.
The electrical resistance between subatomic particles is farreaching from the atomic nucleus and electron cloud. Electrons arealso moving very fast. The probability cloud that determines wherethe electrons could be, the orbitals and the nucleus itself, arestill not solid objects. Keep in mind under...
The electromagnetic and strong nuclear forces are very powerful andrepulsive at close ranges. Put two atomic nuclei near each otherand they will push away from each other. Similarly if you put twonegatively charged particles near each other they will also repelat very close distances.
chromosomey. i think that is its scientific name.
Energy is associated with power and motion, and matter isassociated with everything physical. Both are types of sciencevocabulary.
Nitrogen would extinguish the flame. Unlike most burning fuels,magnesium will continue to burn in carbon dioxide because its flameis hot enough to decompose carbon dioxide to carbon and oxygen.
Montana and Missouri are west of the Mississippi River. The riverruns through Minnesota and forms part of its eastern border.
I can only speculate but I wouldn't imagine global warming wouldhave had much of an impact on global shark populations to date.Water takes a lot of energy to heat up and changes to globaloceanic temperatures are less noticable than atmospherictemperatures. Sharks are cold-blooded so changes in the...
You don't. You can change other measurements tocentimeters, more specifically, measurements of length suchas a certain number of meters, millimeters, feet, etc. But itdoesn't make sense to convert pure numbers to centimeters. Or toany other measurement for that matter. . +++ . "more specifically...
It can help to create the statistics. Sometimes it is difficult toknow the statistics are there if you do not see them on thecomputer.
group1: +1 group2: +2 group15: -3 group16: -2 group17: -1
Over 7,000 children are injured or killed due to ONLY gun violence.
The function of cartilage in the bronchus is to hold the softtissue open so that air may pass through. The cartilage in thebronchus are C-shaped rings.
Haleakala is on the island of Maui and makes up the majority of theisland.