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Not all roads are free! Help people know what the cost is to travel on certain roads and bridges.
It depends which bridges/tunnels you span and what highway youtake.
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famous words by John Donne Correct- and the quote is "tolls for thee"- not three.
$10.50 for off-peak hours and $12.50 for peak hours
Answer . 2,776 mi – about 1 day 17 hours
$47.45 (No tolls in PA on I-95)
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I just drove from Newport News, VA, to Boston, MA, last week and the cost in tolls was a little more than $25.00. The distance was about 630 miles. The drive time was a little over 10 hours, but we also stopped a few times for food and bathrooms.. YALL SUCK LOL
Depending on your destination approximately $37.85
You can take any of the Hudson River Crossings (GWB, LincolnTunnel, Holland Tunnel, Outerbridge Crossing, Goethals Bridge,Bayonne Bridge) from NY to NJ for free. However, if you aretraveling back into NY there is a toll at each crossing.
Via NJ 21 - 47 minutes/24.1 miles Via NJ 3 & I-95 - 48 minutes/30.6 miles
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In Kentucky, tolls on the Cumberland parkway were 80 cents forcars. On the Nancy too ramps, tolls were 20 cents. When theconstruction bonds of a toll road are paid off, the tolls areremoved. If updates are needed on existing parkways, tolls could bereinstated to pay for it.
its probably like 100 bucks...if you dont have enough cash then they will just give you a slip that you can mail in with a check or something
Depends on the car you are driving and the cost of fuel along the way.
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No. The Brooklyn, Manhattan and Williamsburg Bridges are toll-free.
You pay by cash - they do not accept credit/debit cards. When I asked what would happen if I didn't have enough change the lady gave an ambiguous reply.
Tolls are $6 going from Philly to DC and $11 the opposite way.
The total cost for road tolls from Boston to Toronto will varyslightly depending on the route taken. In most cases, total tollswill be about 20 dollars if you access the NYS Thruway.
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It depends on which bridge you are talking about. If I were you I would change the question.
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On the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge (aka the Triborough or Triboro Bridge) the current (as of December 30, 2010) toll for cars is $6.50 cash (without E-ZPass) and $4.80 with E-ZPass. For toll prices for other vehicles, see the Related Link below.
Well my fellow Road Warior, I've travelled this many route many times! Yhere have been recent toll increases so I did a little research to give you a reasonalbly accurate answer.. IL - $ 1.70 (I-80 portion IL Tollway). IN $4.65. OH $10.25. PA $ 5.00 (According to PA Turnpike website - a $2.00 at...
MaxEnt USA's website is currently unavailable and I can't findtheir toll-free number. But, I have their location here: 1208 John Reed Court City of Industry, CA, 91745 United States
Calling a toll-free number does not incur any long distance chargesto the caller. In most countries, toll-free calls from a landlineare completely free, but in some countries you may pay a chargecomparable to a local call. Calls to toll-free numbers from mobilephones (cell phones) will in most cases...
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The current (as of December 30, 2010) toll for cars on the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel is $6.50 cash (without E-ZPass) and $4.80 with E-ZPass. For toll prices for other vehicles, see the Related Link below.
Yes trucks can go over the Tapan Zee
A toll-free road is a road that does not have tolls, meaning thatyou do not have to pay a fee to drive on that road. Most roads aretoll-free.
The distance you travel is 1200 miles approx. A ford minivan give about 16 MPG approx. So you need about 75-80 gallons of gasoline. Cost per Gallon in US market - $2.9. Your approx fuel cost would be $240. Have a nice trip.
Round trip from Lowell, MA to Kendall Park, NJ was $30.85 as of1/1/13. The largest fee was $13 on the GWB heading into NY; no feeis charged heading into Jersey. It costs $8.05 to drive to Jersey,but $22.80 to return home!
Last I traveled it cost me about 80 dollars one-way. (back in 2009)
It is about $17.00 from Wisconsin to Pennsylvania. Wisconsin has notoll roads but Illinois does.
it cost about 30 dollars in tolls, but that's all on 95 New York . New England Thruway (I-95) Bronx, NY to Connecticut Turnpike $1.00 - George Washington Bridge (I-95) Ft. Lee, NJ to Manhattan, NY $8.00 - . New Jersey . New Jersey...
not sure quite yet but going on thurdays so I will calculate the cost and write it down when i get there..... i just wish i can find the answer to this question so i go prepared............
No that road is free and rel;atively trafic free compared to UK Motorways
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There are 20,000 people here small town very close to a big city of ATLANTA GA . It depends on the route. If you are talking NYC to Vermont could cost $4-$10. If you are traveling form Albany NY to Vermont, there would be no tolls depending on where in Vermont you were going.
What is the toll from Buffalo, NY to Rochester, NY
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It will take approximately 1 hour 35 minutes to travel from Florence to Venice by car.
How much are tolls from Orlando FL to Naples FL
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Yes. As of 2011, the toll for cars is $13 cash (without E-ZPass) and $9.60 with E-ZPass.
how much are tols from baltimore md to hiram ga
95 is not a toll road in MD though I believe it's 1 dollar to go through the tunnel in Baltimore. Also, there is a $5 toll eastbound over the susquehanna in MD (Harford/Cecil counties). Once you're in Delaware you need to exit at the first exit, otherwise you'll go through toll booths and pay $4.
The toll is counted by sections (more information about the sections can be found in the link below). For a small vehicle (up to 4 tons): 3 sections or less: 18.20 Shekels. 4 sections: 22.03 Shekels. 5 sections or more: 25.85 Shekels. For a motorcycle: 3 sections or less: 12.46 Shekels...
The Port Authorities of New York or New Jersey, depending on whichend you pay.
no tolls in ct tolls on Mass Pike into Boston run about $8.20 each way
The cost of tolls can vary on a trip from Baltimore, MD to New Yorkdepending on which route you go and what part of New York you'rearriving in. Tolls can cost up to $35.00 per trip.
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how much is toll from Camden, NJ to Wildwood NJ
When you go through the first toll they will give you a card with the price when you get off.
No it wouldn't be a public good, as though the road may be uncrowded, but you still have to pay to be on the road. If you don't have the money to be on the road you would be prevented from going onto the road. Toll roads are excludable goods and therefore are not public goods - the individual is...
gas and tolls from brideport ct to philadelphia pa