Who Would Win

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Are you ever curious about who would defeat whom in your favorite comics? How about if more people think Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee would win a fight? Do you wonder if the crew from Star Wars would stand up to the crew from Star Trek? If so, here is the place to explore those questions and answers.
a cheetah because he would cheat
well you see the bear has a tape worm, when the bear kills the lionhe eats the lion but the tape worm actually eats all of it. thenthe bear kills the tiger but when he try's to eat it the tape wormeats the food. by this time the bear is hungry and starving so hedies. the tapeworm then crawls out of...
I am a big fan of Sonic, no, bigger than your imagination! So, in my opinion, Sonic would win! But Predator would not just be beaten to hell that easily. o wow kid sonic really???REALLY???? sonic is a blue hedgehog that taps a flying squirrel every nite lol. predator would blast his blue balls off...
Yes, a polar bear could quite easily overpower a condor.
The strangers. Not only because there are three strangers, butMichael myers doesn't use his brain. The strangers use it a little bit.
Ledger hands down. Unless it was a full moon, then Nicholson. If it happened during a solar eclipse, then it would be a tie unless it was a Wednesday during the months of April, June, November and February -- in which case Nicholson has the edge. If however it is a leap year, then its Ledger all day...
Ghandi would priase Allah and go boom but sub zero would freeze him, then ghandi would priases Allah again
The black bear. A black bear has 600 pounds of muscles, stronger/sharper claws and teeth, and a bad aggression. A black bear can even kill an adult tiger.
An elephant would most likely win because of its superior size and it can also trample the bear to death. An elephant, especially a cow elephant with a young to protect, could even kill a huge pack of lions.
The United States alone has a much more powerful military then the Russians, not to mention in said war, NATO would fight along side them. That means that two of the other most powerful countries, The United Kingdom ans France, would aid america. The combined power of the American Navy Seals and the...
whoever has the highest power level
Ray Park without a doubt...sure Seagal is big and is a master of Aikido, but Ray Park was a competitive Shaolin Gung Fu and Wushu practitioner from age 7, as well as a titled champion. This means he has been training for over 30 years. He has also trained in kickboxing. He is very solid and fast and...
50 duck size horses, strength in numbers.
Freeze the waterfall up ahead to create a wall jump area, which isanother genius idea. Break the crates at the top, and go throughthe short hall with the single Dune Crawler inside. Glide down tothe next area, and destroy all of the Dune Crawlers inside with theLava Gun. At the end of the hall, you...
Wolverine - he is indestructable, due to Adamantium metal
If a cat and a raccoon were to fight, the raccoon would put upquite a fight but the cat would most likely win.
It depends on the scenario and the incident of the fight. A grizzly bear has sharp enough claws to pierce into the bull's head and swat that thing to death. If the bull charges and gores the grizzly bear with those horns, it would win the fight against the grizzly bear. Answer 2: A grizzly...
Easily Dante, just due to the fact that he is darn near immortaland has powers beyond that of the Marine. Plus he knows how toshoot and use a sword.
Iron man because he can fly and shoot at the flash from above. All the flash could do is dodge iron man's attacks.
Cheetah is the fastest running animal on the land which can run at the speed of about about 60 miles/ hour for 3.6 minutes. David Morson http://www.datadubai.com/
to me, i would say the lion would win because the bull only canonly hit with the horns but the lion has the claws, teeth, andweight
Drew Brees is the obvious choice. He would accurately slam Peyton manning through the table and Peyton would be left to pick 6 guys to help him up.
A snake because a snake can slither out. Really, if it's arattlesnake it would win hands DOWN!!! but some snakes are so slowa lion would win. also if the snake was posinous and the lion atehim neather would win
that is a very easy one.....the monkey of course!!
A wolf is a natural enemy of the horse. Although horses run in herds, wolves run in packs. A lone wolf could probably take down a sick, old or very young horse. A pack of wolves could take down a single horse. But wolves aren't stupid. They know the danger of going up against an animal that is much...
Chuck Norris hands down Mr T stands NO chance whatsoever
Me and many people would say Bruce lee and he probably would but jet li is also a master so it woulodnt be easy for Bruce. i reckon Bruce is the best then jet li,stephan seagul,Jackie Chan and jean claude van damme all tied 2nd. 3rd tied would be wesley snipes and dolph lundgren and chuck Norris
Deadpool. Superman may be all strong and fast but Deadpool cannotperish. If you're a comic book reader then you should know thatSuperman was killed by Doomsday. So eventually Superman would tiredown enough to where deadpool could defeat him. --- Deadpool's been killed before and he came back to life...
A Grizzly Bear would win 10 out of 10 times because Grizzlys are larger,bigger claws,bigger teeth,stronger bite and stronger paw swipe. Grizzly 9.5 feet long(measured by Brady Barr)Black Bear 7 feet long,Grizzly 3.5 feet tall,Blck Bear 3 feet tall,Grizzly Bear 1100 lb max(500 kg),Blakc Bear 700 lb...
an alligator would win because lion's hate to going in the water. So there it is an alligator would win in a fight
due mates yugi would obviously win
German Shepherds are not used in dog fighting because they maim other dogs due to their fighting style. They charge their opponent and go for the back of the neck and shake it to break the animals neck. If they do not make an immediate kill they release and retreat then charge again until they can...
This would be a quick fight. The rottweiler is just to big and to strong for the chow. The rotti would tear the chow up with it's powerful jaw's.
Altair Big time because he made the gun, hidden blade, even his own sword and if they fought and Altair used his designs he would DESTROY Ezio because if he tries to strike at Ezio and he misses then he could shoot him also because without him Ezio would get fried by the final boss on Assassin's...
I would say a crocodile because it could drown the lion
The hulk because he is She hulks cousin and the hulk is the strongest marvel hero ever!
Most definitely Fluffy because Oprah would appear to be a hamburger like everyone else in fluffy's perspective so fluffy would atempt to eat her and it just wouldn't work not at all. FLUFFY JUST ATE MY FINGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The real question here is, was the Minotaur commiting a crime? Assuming the minotaur stole the jetpack, robocop would be forced to attempt to arrest the minotaur. Obviously the minotaur would resist, forcing robocop to force feed the 'taur a lead sandwich.. obv the minotaur ain't gonna stand for...
liono would win. although he has no superpowers he is a lion which is much better then a teddybear
The Turkey sandwich would because he would gobble up the chicken sandwich!!
based on movies ninjas are deadly and silently can break into a house. They are built for speed, They can use all parts of their body as a weapon. But their most deadliest weapon is the ninjato (sword). Whilst the samurai has a variety of different weapons for different uses such as the wakizashi...
Definitely the elephant would win because the elephant would stomp and trample the lion to death.
None conquers the mighty Kodiak, the polar bear may have a little more fat on his but a Kodiak as extreme layers of fat and a hump on his back for extra muscle, a thicker skull and bigger claws. A kodiak can break the make of a full grown moose and kill caribou with as little as one swipe of the...
Kirby...no doubt! Superman has only one weakness... Kryptonite! He can use his laser vision to burn Kirby down to the ground! And for all you Kirby loves, Kirby is 8 inches tall!
trick question chuck Norris is god
wario. luigi will be the coward that he is and hide, letting wario win.
Well it's pretty simple really. Predator would blow up the alien queen and Mr T. Then God would send predator to hell and since Chuck Norris is the creator of all things god would lose.
Having seen every installment of both Halloween and Friday the 13th...I'm pretty confident that Mikey would own Jason.
Godzilla would win. He is bigger and stronger.
I don't know who deadpool is, but anyone can kick Robs but
LOL!!! Well, assuming the sparkles don't make Blade go blind--no, even then, he'd win.
Robin is just a wimpy little side kick boy where abouts Cat Woman is strong, independent and has CLAWS. So I'd say Kitty Woman. Ahehhem, I mean Cat Woman.
Or A grizzly bear? Silver Back Gorilla all the way.
Clarky's got the reach, but I think Eskin is a ninja
um hello Edward Cullen will always win...unless its against Jacob Black :) Sorry but no. Any Belmont could easily defeat any and all vampires . Especially some sparkly wannabe vampire like Edward. The only downside I can see to this fight is that Edward would more than likely die quickly and...
the rest of the world. The Chinese army alone would wipe out our military .
i don't understand the question here?
It depends what you mean by full grown; if you mean old , then probably the tiger.
Like you need to ask, THE LOG!
The lion would win because of its enormous size and stronger jaws/paws than the tiger.
A lion would beat a brown bear, grizzly bear, and black bear. But for a polar bear, it would be a draw. Brown bear. Brown bears were put to fights with lions before, and the brown bear simply killed the lion.
Vader. He doesn't mess around. He could just force choke Maul from a distance.
Supergirl - that is Kara Zor-el died in action in about l985. The newer character is different. So the fight, or even a tactical drill- could not happen. anyhow Supergirl and Wonder Woman were allies- in early Supergirl days , Kara was made an honorary Amazon and went through all the ritual- without...
Both can win a fight, but most of the time the wolf wins because it is stronger. It depends on the size and health of the doberman, but a wolf would do its best to kill the doberman. A large doberman with sharp teeth can kill a wolf, since it is big and aggressively trained to fight. The wolf can...
Both are awesome. Man if there was a fight between Freddy and Michael it' ll be hard to choose. Since Freddy will have no problem taking Michael Myers down in the dream world, the real world will be even more harder. In this fight I think Freddy will find Michael more challenging then with Jason....
well first of all why would they fight each other in the first place but if they were to battle I belive that obi-wan would win although ki-adi-mundi and plo koon are ranked 3rd and 4th in the jedi council and they both have far more experience than obi-wan
shaq will because of his length of arm..
Probably the Borg because they obvioulsy have a lot higher numbers.
If the Jedi was allowed a lightsaber, then they would utterly mutilate wolverine. If it was a no-weapons allowed brawl, it woul be equal, if it was a cage fight then wolverine would win.
Both terms can be correct depending on the use. At an early age, we have it drummed into us to say "Bob and I" or "Bob and she". It is not always correct. Compare these sentences: We would not say "Her walked towards me" but "She walked towards me" is correct. If Bob is with her, the sentence will...
You raise an interesting question, though Kratos would be clear the victor. Link is just a little elf looking kid. Kratos is half god and half titan. And he's got the blades of Athena. You don't bring a knife to a gun fight, and you don't bring a fairy elf kid to a god fight. whoa who posted...
raquza of couse not just because he is cool but because kygore's water attacks have a little bit of reach raquza can fly . It would depend on both Raquaza and Kyogre's abilities, known attacks, levels, and stats because neither has an outright type advantage over the other. -anh1227
Stephen Hawking is nearly paralyzed by a neuro-muscular dystrophy.
As both are fictitious creatures, it depends on the story, and what attributes the author has given them all.
Stephen Hawking is nearly paralyzed from a neuro-muscular distrophy.
Chuck Norris is much more physically able than Steven Hawking and if the two ever decided to fight then obviously Mr Norris would win. If you were expecting an answer like: "STEEVE WOULD USE HIS LAZER BEAM AND HOVER OFF THE GROUND and ROUNDHOUSE CHUCK WITH HIS BRAIN" Then ha!!
Stephen Hawking is nearly paralyzed from a neuro-muscular dystrophy.
Based on personalitys lil Wayne . well eminem knock a few peopleout with his fists so eminem would win no lil wayn
A gorilla probably, because they could smash the bros. WHAT KIND OF QUESTION IS THIS? Mario would win over these other 2 buffoons!
The killer whale would flip the shark on its' back and hold the shark in that position until it drowns.
Kane will obviously win, Muhhammad Ali is to old.