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Ask questions here about equestrian sports including eventing, dressage, show-jumping, point to point, racing, endurance, reining, trotting, carriage driving, barrel racing, pole bending, driving, rodeo, vaulting, polo, showing, and more.


Brookside Equestrian Center was built in the 1840's by SantiagoMartinez
Polo goals consist of 2 posts 8yds, 24' or 7.32m apart.
Because polo players use only one hand to hold the reins, the horses must be 'neck reined'. When the rider needs to turn right he will move his hand right. This puts pressure on the left side of the neck. Horses are trained to move away from pressure. So rein pressure on the left side of the neck...
Polo originated in Persia, which today is Iran
There are many different types of events at horse shows. The twomain types are rodeo and pleasure. An example of rodeo is barrels,you are fighting for the fasted time in this. An example ofpleasure is western pleasure, when showing western pleasure you arelooking for the prettiest stride in a walk,...
I have a box of cards and envelopes for each of the 1984 olympicgames with stamps to match the game.
because some people have a dream of winning an Olympic game,b tut hey LOVE horses so they created the team for those people
The equestrian events at the Olympics 2012 are: Eventing, Show jumping and dressage. In all the events, teams compete together then the best riders from that go through to the individuals.
Chukka (sing.), Chukkas (plural)
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well the only disadvantage i can think of is that they cost a tad bit of money. like with feeding, farrier and vet checks.
Yes, they do.
In the 19th century in England
from Latin equester, equestr-, horseman , horse
It's not. Ignorant people always claim it's a knockoff of Ralph Lauren Polo but it really isn't. How could it be fake if it came out over 50 years before Ralph's? U.S. Polo Assn. brand products are authentic and officially sanctioned by the United States Polo Association (USPA), the governing...
It is thought that the first game of Polo was played over 1000years ago, although an exact date is unknown. The first Polo gameever recorded was played in 600 B.C.
Although horseback riding in general has often been detailed andthe first writings go as far back as centuries ago, the jumpingraces are not mentioned until the 19th Century. As a matter offact, the English Enclose Acts in the 18th Century obliged racersto jump certain obstacles during their races,...
introductory Preliminary Novice Elementary Medium Advanced Medium Advanced prix st george intermediate I intermediate II Grand prix
The world's first real polo is designed by Rene Lacoste, and he first wore it on 1926 US Open championship.
Polo was invented in 1789
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Jodhpurs are named after the ancient city of Jodhpur in Rajasthan in North India where they originated and where polo was a popular royal pastime.
it is a part of the competition in English riding called hunterunder saddle. In English riding there are two forms of showjumping. Jumpers-where you try to go as fast as possible over hightjumps. And hunters-where you focus on elegance and beauty of thehorse over the jumps. A part of the hunters is...
1. eventing (love this one) 2. showjumping 3. dressage 4. showman5. hack 6. polo cross 7. drafting Showjumping, dressage, saddle seat/ hunt seat, reining, barrelracing, Showmanship/Halter, Gymkhana; there are tons of events
A - Enter down the center line in working trot C - Track Left HE - Proceed in working trot E - Circle left 20 metres diameter EK - Proceed in working trot between K&A - Transition to walk (one horses length) & proceed in working trot FXH - Change the rein on a diagonal in working trot ...
They are long pants normally used for horse riding ;)
he has won 100 all together
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If you're lucky enough to have a washing machine for the barn, I recommend washing them as if they were any other clothes, but you can dry them on a stone wall or a fence if it's a bright and sunny day. Hope this helps!
" Elementary " is an English equivalent of theFrench word campagne in terms of dressage. Specifically, the word functions as a feminine noun in its singularform. It literally means "country, countryside." But in regard toequestrian training, it refers to instruction which is basic butthorough.
well, im 4 foot 9 inches and i ride a 16 1/2 hand horse.
If you are showing in an English discipline that is NOT at aschooling show, then yes.
Reason for being.
A regular game of polo consists of four chukkas, or "periods," of seven minutes each. Ideally a rider changes to a fresh horse at the end of each chukka, which is why he or she would need four horses. An official FIP game consists of six chukkas, meaning a player might want a total of six horses...
There are several Polo Associations.
15-20 somewhere around that point. a polo player uses 6 horses in 1 match. and has 20 horses he uses but only minority of them are in training. hope that answers your Q...?
Riding horses. Almost anything to do with horses.
Cross Country Jump Heights: Fixed Obstacles: 3'11'' max. Brush Fences: 4'9'' max. Highest Point: 6'6''max. Base Width: 9'11'' max Without Height (Ditches): 13'1'' max. Maximum drops: 6'6" Show Jumping: Max. Height: 4'1'' max. spread of oxers: 4'9'' max. spread of...
only in specialist equestrian schools but in normal schools, unfortunately not.
Reed Kessler is an equestrian rider, she is only 17 years old and she's going to participate on the Olympic Games of London! She's my inspiration.
Persia 5th century BC
The â??polo cultureâ?? of the 1920â??s coincided with the characterof people associated with the â??Jazz Ageâ?? as named byFitzgerald. The young, cool, wealthy people that Fitzgerald wroteabout epitomized the times. The wealthy and the sports andactivities associated with them such as...
people want to ride horses because its fun
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Neck reining is when you hold the reins with one hand and you pull the reins on the side of the neck you want to go. Direct reining is when you pull the rein of the side you want to go. You actually pull the horses head in the direction you want to go.
Depending on the size of the horse, about 4.5-5 feet. If measuring with your feet, that's about 5 heel-to-toe steps, or a longish stride. Then adjust for the horse as necessary.