John Tyler

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John Tyler was the 10th President of the United States. He served as president from April 4, 1841 to March 4, 1845.
Tyler was not elected President, but succeeded to that position on the death of President WH Harrison.. Tyler was born March 29, 1790. He was elected Vice-President in Nov 1840, aged 50, and became President on April 6, 1841, age 51
He married Letitia Christian on Marcj 29,1813.
John Tyler's mother died when he was only 4.
He was elected as the vice-president and became the president because the President took sick and died. He was the first president to take office without being elected to the position, and the press of the day called him "His Accidency" throughout his term of office.
Was not Elected as President John Tyler was not elected into office. John Tyler was the Vice President under President William Henry Harrison from March 4, 1841 to April 4, 1841. President William Henry Harrison died 32 days into his term, and John Tyler Succeeded Harrison to become the The 10th...
John Tyler's strong support for states' rights alienated him fromboth the Democrats and the Whigs in Washington, D.C. Tyler was alsoa strict constructionist and vetoed several of the Whigs' bills forbeing unconstitutional even though he was a Whig himself.
He believed on doing what he wanted and that he was always right.
-reestablished the Bank of America -annexation of Texas -Florida joins the Union
Tyler never ran for President. He ran for vice-president as the running mate of William Henry Harrison. They defeated President Martin Van Buren and VP Richard Johnson.
John Tyler said, ''I am going now. Perhaps it is for the best'' before he died.
Yes, in a matter of fact. he was playing marbles with his son when he was told that he had became President. He ended up having 15 children, the most for a president, and the last surviving child lived until Harry Truman's administration
why did president Tyler want to annex Texas
Tyler had two wives. His first wife died of a stroke in the White House at age 51. About three years before she died, she had a first stroke that left her an invalid. The second wife also died of a stroke , age about 69. She was 30 years younger than her husband and survived him by some 28 years.
He had seven- 4 daughters and 3 sons.
John Tyler was never elected President on his own right. He was the first Vice-President to succeed a President who died in office, and who could not finish their term in office. John Tyler never got the chance to run for reelection since his political positions diverged greatly from both major...
Whig Partycandidate William Henry Harrison won the 1840 presidential electiondefeating Democratic Party incumbent President Martin Van Buren.John Tyler was William Henry Harrison's vice president runningmate. In the 1840 presidential election there was a total of 294electoral votes thereby requiring...
Yes, he played "jacks" and "hopscotch". He had 4 older sisters!
John Tyler is one of the most important men in the history of America. He was the only senator to stand up for states' right to nullification, with his sole "no" vote in the senate against the force bill of 1833. Later as president, he refused to reestablish the federal bank, vetoing two bills that...
He vetoed legislation to restore the national bank.
John Tyler became president because he was the vice-president when the President died. The legal basis for his becoming president was the Us Constitution. (The only question was whether he would actually become president or merely act as president amd carry out the necessary duties without...
Tyler died, possibly of a stroke, in a hotel room in Richmond,VA,on January 18 ,1862, where he had gone to represent his districtin the Confederate Congress. He was almost 72 when he died. Atfirst he was sick at his stomach. Later he could not breathe.
Mary Armistead Tyler died from a stroke in 1834.
Abraham Lincoln was called "Honest Abe," and John Tyler was called "Honest John."
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John Tyler had five sisters. Please see the related question for more information.
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