Canadian Banknotes

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Canadian banknotes are issued in 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 dollar denominations. Ask questions about the currency of Canada here.
Without knowing date and condition, this question cannot beanswered
Depends on the date, denomination and condition. The value is determined by those.
in virtually flawless, crisp uncirculated condition, it's worthabout $5
Today it is : 1 Canada dollar = .69 US dollar
an 1820 bank note will be worth at least $200, as long as it looksnice
Canada no longer issues any notes larger than 100 Canadian Dollars. The Bank of Canada did issue $500 as late as 1935 and $1000 notes until 1987. These notes can still be cashed at banks for their face values, however they are worth much more to collectors - the 1935 $500 is very rare and used,...
An uncirculated $20 bill from 1954 is worth $350-$400 in mint uncirculated condition and about $30 in crisp circulated.
The value would depend on the signatures on the note and the quality. A mint condition 1937 with the signatures of Coyne/Towers would be worth $65 (and a Good condition just $8). But a mint condition with the signatures of Gordon/Towers would be worth $1000-$2000 depending on serial number prefix. ...
It costs less to buy a $5 item in Canada than it does in the United States. Apex Economics.
Different colors make it easier to tell apart variousdenominations.
Being connected like it is to the struggling debt ridden country to the South - The U.S - things will get worse without question, for both currencies.
One Canadian dollar is the equivalent of 44.4416 Indian Rupees. This means that 1,000 Canadian dollars equals 44,441.59 Indian Rupees and that inversely 1 Indian Rupee equates to .0225049 Canadian dollars. It takes virtually 45 Indian Rupees to make 1 Canadian dollar.
Canada didn't officially print $3 bills but some were privatelymade. They were legal tender at the time (around 1800s) even thoughthey aren't now. However, they can sell up to thousands as a rarecollectors item.
Well there were 2 Canadian dollar coins minted in 1973. One was made of copper nickel and celebrates 100 years of Prince Edward Island. This one is worth around $2.50 USD in uncirculated condition. The other has a Mountie on the reverse and celebrates 100 years of the Mounted Police, and is made of...
well, depending on which coin you have. It could either be a Loon, as seen on the current dollar, or it is two natives in a canoe on a lake.
Answer . mostly because of our resourses, there is a high demand for our minerals and oil, which can be bought in CDN $, which would be converted from the euro creating a rise in demand and in value
In very good condition, it would be worth $75. Mint condition uncirculated notes are worth nearly $3,000!
It's still worth one dollar in Canada.
it costs less to buy a $5 item in Canada than it does in the United States.
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how much is five Canada money worth in Brazil
If its still legal tender....$10 canadian. If not ...then what a collector will pay.
It's value is one pound (£1) there are no coins minted with Queen Elizabeth on both sides.
The loonie was introduced in 1987. $1 bills were taken out of circulation about 2 years after that.
Uh, if you think about it for a minute Abraham Lincoln was President of the United States, not Prime Minister of Canada, so his picture is on American bills - not Canadian.
Greetings, They are listing on Ebay for about $15 in fine condition, this issue is known as the 'Devils head' , some info here: There is on on Ebay right now selling for $280.00 06/25/2011...Go by How Rare These are getting to be...57 years...
I found a 1954 Bank of Canada One Dollar bill tucked away behind a baby picture. The bill is in perfect condition, it has serial number v/n 5573814, Ottawa 1954, no letters before or after the date. Can you please tell me if this is one of the "Devil" bills and if it is worth anything. Thank you...
It's still worth one dollar in Canada.
This series caused controversy because highlighted areas of the Queen's hair gave the illusion of a grinning demon behind the ear. The term "Devil's Head" is commonly used to describe these bank notes. The Bank of Canada had both bank note companies modify the face plates by darkening the highlights...
The 1962 Canadian Nickels were made from 99.9% pure nickel, according to the Canadian Mint's own website. Below are the complete specs of the 1955-1981 series Canadian Nickels from said site. 1955 to 1981 Composition: 99.9% nickel Weight (g): 4.54 Diameter (mm): 21.21 Thickness (mm): 1.7...
America use American dollars and Canada use Canadian dollars and also the Canadian dollar is worth less than the American dollar example: 1 American $= 1.25 Canadian $ please note, this is not the actual currency rate there are also Australian dollars which are stronger than Canadian dollars but...
It hasn't been officially removed, but it's not commonly usedanymore.
According to the Bank of Canada the old cotton paper notes are 115 μm and the new polymer bank notes are slightly thinner 91 μm. An μm is a micrometer. The notes are so thin they have to be measured in micrometers.
Canada has used $1 coins since 1987. There are no more $1 bills.
serial numberw/d3510681 ten dollar bill, how much is it worth
Answer . If it's just a minor misalignment -- such that the whole design is still visible and just the border is very thin on one or more edges -- then it's only worth a couple dollars.\n. \nIf it's a major misalignment -- such that one side appears normal and the other side is so misaligned that...
Two dollar bills have been removed from circulation in Canada, butthe series 1986 is still worth two dollars.
the Canadian dollar fluxuates every single day, it is almost at par now, so it is minimal in exchange.
On the five-dollar bill you will find Sir Wilfred Laurier, the first french Prime Minister of Canada. On the ten-dollar bill is Sir John Alexander MacDonald, the first Prime Minister of Canada. On the twenty-dollar bill is Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the current queen of Canada the United...
the value of a Canadian 2 dollar bill with a robin on it would bedependent upon a number of factors. The most important factorswould be the age and condition of the bill.
OMG! It's a women and it is Queen Elizabeth 2!
f you want to know the value of a Canadian 1964 1 dollar coin, you need to know that is a silver coin. The minimum value is 10$. If the coin have never circulated, you can find the value according the the grade here :
1 Euro = 1.2872 Canadian dollars.
One euro will buy 1.3561 Canadian Dollars at the current exchange rate on 09/02/2011.
I have a $2.00 coin Elizabeth II D.G. Reginal 1999. How much is worth? in the back of the coin it says: nunavut
As of June 2016, the American dollar is stronger.
In 1967 Canada printed the dollar bill with no serial number on purpose and instead let the year 1967 substitute for the serial number. This means that your Canadian dollar bill is only worth its face value.