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Fact about scotland?

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I can give you just one: The stunning natural beauty of the country is one of the world's best-kept secrets.

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What is a fun fact about Linwood in Scotland?

There are many fun and interesting facts about Linwood in Scotland. The biggest fact about Linwood is that it was voted as the poorest town in the country of Scotland.

What are facts you can give me about Scotland?

One interesting fact about Scotland is that Scotland has over 750 island. Another fact is that the unicorn is the country's official animal. Scotland's capital city, Edinburgh was the first city to have a fire brigade.

What is one unusual fact about Scotland?

It has to suffer its neighbours.

Are There Any Extinct Volcanoes In Scotland?

yes there is many of them in fact. Emma Reid

Are there any red deer in Scotland?

Yes.In fact there are so many they cull them.

Does Scotland have any mountain chains?

The Grampians, which in fact is the longest chain in GB.

How much of Scotland did the Romans conquer?

The Romans were not able to conquer Scotland. In fact they had to build a large continuous wall across the country to stop the Scots attacking them.

Name of the tallest mountion in Scotland?

I belive it's Ben Nevis (In fact im sure!!)

Are there skunks in Scotland?

yes there are. in fact some are very popularly known there for there fur color and texture

Witch Country is 11 miles away from ireland?


What is the most bizarre thing about Scotland?

The fact that some people believe that the Loch Ness Monster exists.

Did Malcolm receive a vision revealing the future king of Scotland?

no. he did not in fact he caught vision of the 1st king

Why do flights from London to the USA fly over Scotland?

For the simple fact the Earth is not flat, it is in a sphere shape.

What are the main attractions in Scotland?

i think the Falkirk Wheel is probably the best attraction in Scotland because it was the first thing made like it and it joins the two main canals in Scotland- the Union canal and the Forth and Clyde canal. but it's an opinion of mine, not a fact.

What courses can you do in Scotland?

Traveling thru some of Scotland, I found that there are many courses, in fact I tell people that there is one in each town. Even coming unannounced, I found their hospitality to be very accommodating.

Are there any coastlines in Scotland?

Yes, in fact there are coastlines all around the country except at the south where it borders England.

Where would I be if I visited cities such as Glasgow and Edinburgh?

You would be in Scotland.You would be in Scotland.You would be in Scotland.You would be in Scotland.You would be in Scotland.You would be in Scotland.You would be in Scotland.You would be in Scotland.You would be in Scotland.You would be in Scotland.You would be in Scotland.

Why is there only 1 lake in Scotland?

The only reason really is because in Scotland we speak 'Doric' which is not a different language, but more of an accent. In Scotland, the word for lake is loch, so this is why most of the lakes in Scotland are called lochs. I think 'Lake Ness' and 'Lake Lomond' sound funny as well! Fun Fact: Puddock means 'frog' in Doric!

Why does J.K Rowling choose to live in Scotland rather than moving somewhere sunnier?

She must like it where she is. I live in Scotland myself and it doesn't rain all the time. In fact often it can get very hot here.

In what country do men wear skirts or kilts?

Scotland England USA Continental countries In fact, all over the world!

What kind of music is played in Scotland?

The same music that is played in other western countries. However, the traditional music of Scotland is bagpipes. ----- Bagpipes aren't the only traditional instrument... In fact Bagpipes are more Military then folk.

Is golf British or Scottish?

Golf was invented in St.Andrews, Fife, Scotland. Some would argue that it is Scottish and British, as Scotland is part of the British Isles. However, most would say that it is Scottish as it is in fact a country also.

Why did medieval Scotland have a big impact on Scotland?

Scottish people are pride of their history and are right to be.The fact that Scotland, as a country, was founded by the different kingdoms during all the Middle-ages, gathering together with Christianisation, and that it had to fight hard to keep autonomy (political and cultural) have made this period very important in education.

What is Scotland known as?

Scotland is known as.....Scotland.

Are Scottish bank notes legal tender?

NO they are not legal tender in Scotland or anywhere else so no to England as well. In fact Scotland has no such thing as legal tender, however Bank of England notes are legal tender in England only

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