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Famous men in the revolutionary war are Paul Revere and George Washington and other men we dont know

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Q: Famous men during the Revolutionary War?
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Who is the least famous person in the revolutionary war?

Men in wars

Did women dress up as men during the revolutionary war?

yes many women dressed up as men inthe revolutionary war

What did the men do during the Revolutionary War?

They fought in the local militia.

Why did men wear wigs during the revolutionary war?

they felt like it

What advantages did the loyalist have during the revolutionary war?

They had good supplies Lots of men to Help with war

Who used a hatchet during the revolutionary war?

usually men in the american milittia

What were some major military expenses during the revolutionary war?

Feeding the men

Which of these men was not a writer before and during the revolutionary war?

Henry david thoreau

What was a British advantage during the Revolutionary War?

They had a navy, more money, and more men.

What were British mistakes during the revolutionary war?

They put there weaker men on the front line

Which of one of these men was not a writer both before and during revolutionary war?

Henry David Thoreau

How did women act as nursemaids during the revolutionary war?

by tending injuryed men in war also, by replacing cannon balls and by feeding injuryed men food.

How was Abigail Adams important to the American Revoulition?

Abigail Adams was important during the Revolutionary War because she encouraged women to help the men during the war.

Why was it difficult for men to stay in the army during the revolutionary war?

They were away from the people they loved and their lives were in danger.

Who are some famous political men during the civil war?

there were a lot of famous people of the civil war John Brown and more

What did women do during the Revolutionary War?

Women showed their Patriotism along side the men. An example of this is Molly Pitcher

What disease did the men in the Revolutionary War get?


Did men have to fight in the revolutionary war?


What did John Burgoyne do during the Revolutionary War?

John Burgoyne was a British Army officer and during the Revolutionary War he surrenderd his army of 6,000 men. He was born Feb 24, 1722 and died Augest 4, 1792. bla bla bla

What was the significance of Minute Men during the Revolutionary War?

Mintute Men were there and ready for anything at anytime. Thus the reason why they were called 'Minute Men.' They could be ready on a minutes notice. (:

What mistakes did Abigail make during the revolutionary war?

she hired men to help her with the chores[ they demanded sky high wages]

What were the different roles of men and women during the Revolutionary War?

men fought while women stayed home to take care of the farms and house hold.

How did the women help during the revolutionary warr?

They cooked and cleaned and served as nurses for the men in war. That was all they were allowed to do. Some even dressed up as men so they could enlist in the war.

How many men served in the revolutionary war?


The name given to colonist who supported the british crown during the American revolutionary war?

The Colonist(s) who supported the British Crown in the Revolutionary War were known as Loyalists (quite easy to remember, eh?) One famous Patriot-turned-Loyalist was Benedict Arnold. <><><> The term Tory, Royalist, or King's Men was also used.