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I am as hot as the sun in this weather

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Q: Figurative language about summer
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Is dialog figurative language?

no dialogue is not figurative language because figurative language is similies, metephors and idioms and personification

Figurative language He's a bear of a man which figurative language is this?


Is symbolism considered as a figurative language or a sound element?

symbolism is considered to be figurative language. onomatopoeia is a sound element that is a subheading of figurative language.

What kind a figurative language is homework oh homework?

What kind of figurative language is the poem,” Homework, Oh homework

What type of figurative language is My mother's voice was like a cool dark room in summer - peaceful soothing quiet?


What type of figurative language is two green thumbs that will grow into orange-yellow delights smelling of summer?


The eastern horizon is a golden window what figurative language is that?

This is an example of an engish figurative language.

Does noah's ark use literal or figurative language?

it uses figurative language but it also uses literal language

Where might I be able to find figurative language worksheets for teaching a reading course?

You can find figurative language worksheets at the following website: h The following website also provides useful information about how to design your own worksheets:

What is the most common figurative language?

the most common figurative language (s) are English and Chinese.

What is the figurative language in the essay The Farm on the Hill by Evan Proudfoot?

the farm on the hill what was the figurative language

What kind of figurative language is the world is mine oyster?

what kind of figurative language is the world is my oyster