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Find out you like a guy?

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find out you like a guy

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What do you do to get over a guy you rily like?

Find another guy to like.

What do you do when the guy you like moved?

Write to him and find another guy you like.

You like a guy but I do not knowy he is not what you want in a guy what do you do?

Find another guy.

What do you do when the guy you like cuss at you?

Find another guy.

What if you like a guy and you tell him that... yet he just ignores you?

Find another guy to like.

What if the guy you like is holding hand with another girl?

You need to find another guy to like.

What if the boy don't like you for who you are?

Then you need to find a guy who does like you for who you are :)

I like a guy who do i become friends with him?

"I like a guy (how) do i become friends with him?" Find out what he likes (music,hobbys,clubs...).

What if you like more than 1 guy?

Then find out which guy you would like to date by comparing their pros and cons.

What do you do if the guy you like doesn't like you?

Well, find someone else!

What if a guy that likes you doesnt seem like he does anymore?

Move on find another guy

How do you get over a guy that you really like?

You simply find another guy! like a wise woman once said "don't cry over the guy simply replace the guy"

What if one of your friends gets asked out by one of your best guy friends and you think you might like the guy?

Try to find out if you do like the guy, then if you do, tell your friend.

How do you get this guy to like you?

Simply flirt with him. If he shows little response ignore him, and find a new guy.

You like this guy but he says he hates mewhat do you do?

find somebody else who you like

What do you do if you like a guy but he dosnt like you?

FInd a new Crush. Hope this HElps!

I know you cant make a guy like you but at the same time what things make a guy like you?

Find out what he likes. When you find that he likes pretty girls or whatever, try to match it.

What do you do if you really like a guy and want to hangout with him?

If you really do like the guy find out what his interests are, maybe even find out who he hangs out with. Also try to make conversation with him it might help...

How you stop liking a guy?

You cant just stop liking a guy. You need to find out why you like the guy and if it is healthy to like the guy. Let me know the situation and I will give you some suggestions.

Why would a guy joke about another guy liking you?

because he probably like you himself! so he just tries to find out if u like that guy or like if you like someone else. basically to see your expression.

What if the guy you really like likes someone else?

You can tell him that you like him or find another guy or you could try to make him jealous.

Ive known a guy since you were 6 and you both like each other but he moved and Im not over him your friends say you should find another guy but you cant think of any other guy but him What should you?

well, Maybe you could try to find a guy who acts the same way and is kinda like the guy yu like.

If a guy pushes on a swing does he like you?

probaly. kiss him and find out

Can a girl find a decent guy?

depends on what YOU look like

How do you know if a guy like you but will not tell you?

lol google that and you will find out