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Vinegar or something w a low ph, asprin , lemon juice ,

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Q: First aid for high pH burns?
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What will happen if you swim in a pool with high pH?

Honestly it depends on how high. An extremely alkali (high pH) pool can cause chemical burns with prolonged exposure. A pH of less than 10 is generally safe, though lower pH may cause discomfort in sensitive individuals after prolonged exposure.

What will exactly happen in details to a brine shrimp in a pH of 4 5 6 7 and 8?

What do you think will happen to it? It will die of chemical burns if the pH is too low or too high.

How much phosphorus is in Kool-Aid?

The pH of Kool-aid is 3.0-3.53

Is pH 7 a high pH?

no 7 is not a high PH. the Ph scale is out of 14 meaning 7 is neutral :)

How dangerous is pH of 0?

Very dangerous. It can cause severe chemical burns. such a low pH is extremely acidic.

What is the importance of pH in personal product?

The skin and other body parts are very sensitive to pH. The wrong pH can result in rashes and skin burns.

Is a pH of 14 high in acidity?

No. That is a high base pH reading.

What acid that burns through stuff?

An acid that is at a zero on the ph scale

Which answer is a true statement about pH valuesPure water has a pH of 0 pH is important in life mainly because it affects the cohesion of water A high pH corresponds to a high H plus concentration?

Pure water has a pH=7.High pH correspond to high OH- concentration.

What elevate pH?

A high pH meaning is a high concentration of the hydroxide ions.

With a bladder infection is you pH level high or is it acidic?

ph levels high

What causes a high PH level?

What causes a high PH level in the blood