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Five advantages of grapevine communication?

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1,its fast in spreading information 2.its information its accurate 3.both men and women actively participate in passing information builds relationship between people

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Advantages and disadvantages of grapevine communication?

The advantage of grapevine communication is that it relays information fast. The disadvantage is that the information is usually unverified.

What is grapevine communication Describe its advantages and disadvantages?


Origin of grapevine communication?

Grapevine communication originated at the moment humans learned how to speak.

Roles of grapevine communication?

The grapevine is the intangible method of communication among coworkers. For the most part, the grapevine transmits rumors about the organization.

What does grapevine communication mean?

this is a communication barrier characterized by false information or hearsays. gossip As in, "I heard it through the grapevine..." Grapevine communication is a form of informal business communication, which develops within an organization.

Advantages and disadvantages of communication and transportation?

transport and communication only five point of advantages

What are advantages of grapevine communication?

Interpret Present accusation Improved relation Increase efficiency Provide recommendation Flexibility Rapid communication Immediate feedback

What is grapvine communication?

Grapevine communication is simply word-of-mouth transmission of information, e.g. "I heard it on the grapevine".

Explain grapevine communication?

Grapevine communication refers to nontraditional means of communication. Rather than formal means, hearing something through the grapevine means that it was passed through word of mouth.

Should you cultivate grapevine communication or try to curb its growth?

To curb or cultivate grapevine communication will depend on the type of information that is being passed around. If the communication is putting the company in a negative light, they will want to curb the grapevine. If the grapevine communication is positive, they might let it go and do nothing.

Why organisations can't avoid grapevine communication?

Because people talk, unavoidably. However grapevine communication can be used to a companies advantage.

What do you mean by grapevine type of communication?

Its basically a gossip type of communication

What is grapevine communication?

gossip As in, "I heard it through the grapevine..." Grapevine communication is a form of informal business communication, which develops within an organization.It means gossip, usually gossip that spreads and covers a lot of ground (a lot of people), much like vines do.

What is grapevine network?

Grapevine is an informal network of communication within an organisation, also termed by many as"rumors" or "gossip", such as over the water-cooler communication etc. Around 70% of all communication in an organisation is done through the grapevine network and it is considered by researchers to be highly accurate.

Importance of grapevine communication?

Spreads useful information

Why grapevine communication develop?

The Grapevine is an informal communication network that moves throughout an organization. It develops when humans interact. It's the rumor connection. When employees feel left-out, they take cover in the Grapevine. It's the opinion place when some employees are too afraid to confront the formal channel of communication.

Is the grapevine a good or bad means of communication justify the answer?

The grapevine is a unofficial channel of communication. The information can frequently be inaccurate since it is passed from person to person and is usually based on rumors.

What are the characteristics of the grapevine communication in organisations?

Grapevine communication is the informal network within every organization. It is characterized by lack of managerial control, trusted by employees, and it can be used to promote ones own agenda.

What are the characteristics of grapevine communication?

The main characteristics of grapevine are :(i) Speed:As compared to formal communication, the speed of grapevine is fast. In a study it was found that in the case of manager who had an addition in his family at a local hospital at eleven O' clock at night, by 2 P.M. next day 46% of the whole management group knew of the event. The news had traveled via the grapevine, coffee break in the morning contributing the most.(ii) Degree of Selectively:Contrary to general belief grapevine shows a highly selective and discriminating path way. It chooses what interests it.(iii) Locale of operation:The company grapevine mostly operates at the place of work, Since management has control over work environment, this phenomenon can be made use of tremendously in influencing worker opinion.(iv) Relation to Formal Communications:Formal and informal communication systems trend to be jointly active or inactive. If formal communication is slow, grapevine is slow too. The two supplement each other; formal communications step into stamp seal of authority to it.Grapevine has certain advantages like the grapevine chain is highly flexible and it travels very fast. Managers should not try to abolish grapevine as it is the nervous system of the communication process in an organization.

What are the different types of grapevine communication?

Cluster,gossip & single stand

Advantages of digital communication?

what is advantages of digital communication

Advantages of upward communication?

advantages of upward communication

what are the advantages of communication channelsadvantages of communication channels?

it is fast reliable

Importance of grapevine?

Grapevine is an informal channel of business communication. It is called so because it stretches throughout the organization in all directions irrespective of the authority levels. Man as we know is a social animal. Despite existence of formal channels in an organization, the informal channels tend to develop when he interacts with other people in organization. It exists more at lower levels of organization.Grapevine generally develops due to various reasons. One of them is that when an organization is facing recession, the employees sense uncertainty. Also, at times employees do not have self-confidence due to which they form unions. Sometimes the managers show preferential treatment and favour some employees giving a segregated feeling to other employees. Thus, when employees sense a need to exchange their views, they go for grapevine network as they cannot use the formal channel of communication in that case. Generally during breaks in cafeteria,the subordinates talk about their superior's attitude and behaviour and exchange views with their peers. They discuss rumours about promotion and transfer of other employees. Thus, grapevine spreads like fire and it is not easy to trace the cause of such communication at times.Examples of Grapevine Network of CommunicationSuppose the profit amount of a company is known. Rumour is spread that this much profit is there and on that basis bonus is declared.CEO may be in relation to the Production Manager. They may have friendly relations with each other.Pros and Cons of Grapevine CommunicationAdvantages of Grapevine CommunicationGrapevine channels carry information rapidly. As soon as an employee gets to know some confidential information, he becomes inquisitive and passes the details then to his closest friend who in turn passes it to other. Thus, it spreads hastily.The managers get to know the reactions of their subordinates on their policies. Thus, the feedback obtained is quick compared to formal channel of communication.The grapevine creates a sense of unity among the employees who share and discuss their views with each other. Thus, grapevine helps in developing group cohesiveness.The grapevine serves as an emotional supportive value.The grapevine is a supplement in those cases where formal communication does not work.Disadvantages of Grapevine CommunicationThe grapevine carries partial information at times as it is more based on rumours. Thus, it does not clearly depicts the complete state of affairs.The grapevine is not trustworthy always as it does not follows official path of communication and is spread more by gossips and unconfirmed report.The productivity of employees may be hampered as they spend more time talking rather than working.The grapevine leads to making hostility against the executives.The grapevine may hamper the goodwill of the organization as it may carry false negative information about the high level people of the organization.A smart manager should take care of all the disadvantages of the grapevine and try to minimize them. At the same time, he should make best possible use of advantages of grapevine.

Grapevine and its important in business communication?

Definition In the word of Keith Davis, "Grapevine is basically a channel of horizontal communication, for its only people working at the same level of hierarchy who can informally communicate with one another with perfect ease."