Flat paint or semi gloss for basement?

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If you do not have to worry about humidity transport through the walls (most paints the are very porous are flat) then a semi gloss will be easier to keep clean (washes more easily).
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Why is the semi-gloss paint peeling in the house?

\n. \n Pealing latex paint \n. \n. \nthere are two possibilities,\nfirst...there maybe two much humidity in the home.\nsecond...you may have painted over a oil based paint.

What is the best type of paint for crown moulding Flat Semi-Gloss Satin etc.?

Generally, a satin or semi-gloss sheen is best for decorative trim. The shinier paint will be a bit easier to apply, be smoother after application and will accent the crown molding.. ANOTHER OPTION: . I always paint crown, doors, door trim, and baseboards in high gloss. Here in the south we also ( Full Answer )

Can you mix semi gloss interior and flat exterior latex paint to paint indoors?

Answer . Yes, but the finish will be somewhere around satin. You can only do this if the paints are of the same type , i.e. either both latex, or both enamel (alkyd). Make sure you mix them together very well , and continue to agitate while you're painting. . Post edit: They may mix and go on ( Full Answer )

Can you turn flat paint into semi gloss?

sorry to be the barrier of bad news, but the only way is to but a semi gloss paint. or try playing around with different glazes.

Can you paint over interior semi gloss with another semi gloss?

Yes you can. If you are painting a wall, make sure to wash it first with soap and warm water, then rinse thoroughly and sand down any bumps or shiny spots. It's also best to use a primer before painting in order to ensure proper adhesion to the wall. You can get a primer tinted to match the new pa ( Full Answer )

Can you paint with eggshell over a semi gloss?

\nNo. You must sand the gloss of and them prime and then paint. Semi and High Gloss is only meant for wood not dry wall. Its the worst idea ever to put a gloss on dry wall. Any paint with an Enamel is just as washable.

Can I mix a latex flat apint with an acrylic semi gloss paint?

Of the two paints you are going to try mixing, a water based paint (latex), with a spirit based (possibly methalated) . Not a good idea as they will separate. DO NOT MIX!. On the containers for these paints you will be told how to wash your brushes ie.. Water for Latex. Turpintine, or Varsol for th ( Full Answer )

Do you use flat or semi gloss paint for the ceilings?

According to Sherwin-Williams, a trusted paint company, ceiling paint should be flat.. A flat finish will hide imperfections, unlike a glossy paint which shows them by reflecting light unevenly. They also carry specific "ceiling paint", which I think is thicker, as it has "reduced splatter" and res ( Full Answer )

Can you paint over semi gloss with a satin?

Yes as long as you use the same base paint. You just need to sand it enough to where the paint will adhere. Make sure if the original paint is latex, use latex. If its oil based, use oil based.

Can you paint over semi gloss paint with satin paint?

More important is, that both paints are of the same kind (like: oil-based paint, acrylic paint, latex paint). Semi-gloss is more easily painted over then high gloss, but first better find out what the old paint layer is made of. Check with the help of alcohol - if paint comes off in any way when you ( Full Answer )

Can you mix satin and semi gloss paint?

Yes, it will give you a finish between the two. Just remember it you need to touch up a spot down the road, you are going to have a hard time, unless you make the exact mixture again, that's why it is better not to try mixing different paints together. Its hard enough getting the color to match e ( Full Answer )

Can you paint theater rooms with semi gloss paint?

It is better to use a paint that absorbs light. A flat preferably. A gloss paint will bounce light off of it's surface causing a distraction when viewing a large screen. Most theatre's use Cloth of some kind or curtains as material absorbs light.

Can you paint a tarp with semi gloss paint?

It will not stick. To paint a tarp successfully you would need Hilltronix H-200 Series Coatings. This product will stick to the tarp and be able to flex and give as the tarp bends.

Why your semi gloss paint will not stick to the wall?

Semi-gloss paint sometimes has problem sticking to walls that have a higher gloss paint type already on them. Usually, a light sanding and a coat of primer will help. Sometimes, semi-gloss paint peels if it was applied during high-humidity weather, as it doesn't dry all the way through.

Can you paint over high gloss paint with semi gloss paint?

No it will cause streaks or will result in bubbles of paint where it doesn't stick. You will need to sand down the surface and wash it down so there is no residue first. Then, the other paint should adhere okay.

Can you paint semi gloss over flat latyex paint?

Yes. You can paint semi-gloss latex paint over flat latex paint. It is not advised to paint over any latex with any oil-based paint. Nor is it advised to try and paint over semi-gloss paint with any other finish without first de-glossing the finish and priming.

Is semi gloss paint poisonous to dogs?

depends on what is in the paint, there are many different mixtures that will create a semi-gloss finish Modern paints are not as toxic as older paints used to be so I would suspect your dog to be ok but would avoid letting him/her eat any in the future

Can you put a semi gloss paint over a flat paint?

Yes! A clean, dry, flat surface is perfect to paint over with any sheen. It is a good idea to wash the surface with a cleaner, such as TSP (Trisodium Phosphate) before painting. Let the suface dry atleast 4 hours, then apply your paint. However, Make sure you don't do the reverse. Flat paint w ( Full Answer )

Can you paint a semi gloss oil straight after you paint high gloss oil?

Do you mean can you paint over a fresh coat of oil base high gloss paint with oil base semi gloss paint? If so, not straight after. Be sure to wait until the first coat (high gloss) is dry completely. The same goes for nearly every coating when you are changing the type of finish.

Can you mix semi gloss enamel paint with semi gloss latex paint?

NO! paint will separate as it sits. Mixing will only keep it together for seconds. The walls painted will have flashes of flat and flashes of semi gloss. Its only OK to do as a base-coat when the paints are the same color, or its also OK when wanting to achieve that "I was drunk, when I did it" look ( Full Answer )

What is the difference from base paint and semi gloss latex paint?

Base paint is also known as flat paint, or flat wall paint, or matt paint and is a latex paint. Flat paint is just that, flat or dull with no sheen at all. Semi-gloss is an enamel that dries very hard and can be found in a low sheen (satin) a medium sheen (semi-gloss) and a high sheen (high gloss) F ( Full Answer )

Can you mix semi gloss and high gloss latex paints?

As long as they are both latex paints, you can mix any sheen with any other sheen. Be cautioned though that you'll want to have plenty to finish the job and for touch-up afterwards because you could have trouble recreating it in the future.

How do you paint semi gloss?

To paint with Semi Gloss paint, you will first have to prime thewalls. A primer is necessary to make the semi gloss paint stick.After allowing the primer the recommended time to dry, using aroller paint the walls as you would with any other paint, then letdry.