Flat paint or semi gloss for basement?

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If you do not have to worry about humidity transport through the walls (most paints the are very porous are flat) then a semi gloss will be easier to keep clean (washes more easily).
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Can you turn flat paint into semi gloss?

sorry to be the barrier of bad news, but the only way is to but a semi gloss paint. or try playing around with different glazes.

Can you paint semi gloss over flat latyex paint?

Yes. You can paint semi-gloss latex paint over flat latex paint. It is not advised to paint over any latex with any oil-based paint. Nor is it advised to try and paint over se
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Can you put a semi gloss paint over a flat paint?

Yes! A clean, dry, flat surface is perfect to paint over with any sheen. It is a good idea to wash the surface with a cleaner, such as TSP (Trisodium Phosphate) before pain
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Can you turn semi gloss paint into flat paint?

You can make it less glossy by adding talc, but I don't think this can make it totally flat without affecting the adhesion.