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Flooding on 50cc scooters?

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Its probably your carb. Check that, and if you know how to, clean it. There is a little hole on the bottom. Plug about half of that. I made the mistake of plugging all of it, and now my chopper wont run. I would suggest using Duct Tape. If none of that works, go buy a new one. That or if you don't like the hassle. Try , as that should Cary parts for mopeds.

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What is the speed restriction on 50cc scooters?

50cc scooters are restricted to around 30mph here in the UK. They can be de-reg'd up by a few mph but you'll notgenerally get much more out of them. Weight and stuff are also factors.

What are the age requirements in Colorado for motor scooters?

You need a drivers license for scooter 50cc and below. You need a motorcycle endorsement for above 50cc.

What cc scooters can you drive on a regular driver's license?

i believe anything under 50cc

Is it legal to drive 50cc scooters in Indiana with no license?

Yes, anything over 50cc you need a motorcycle licence. You must be over the age of 15.

Any one now aboat 50cc sfx Honda scooter?

any one know aboat 50cc Honda sfx scooters on cdi ignition box

Can you take the motorcycle skills test with a 50cc motorcycle in California?

According to the guys at Motorsport Scooters in San Diego, any bike that requires an M1 license to drive can be used for the M1 skills test. This includes scooters. I don't know if that includes 50cc, but the guy said that he knows several people who have taken the skills test on 50cc scooters. So the answer appears to be yes, you can. When I called the DMV the lady said 350cc or larger which is definitely not true.

Where is the battery location on 2003 Yamaha scooter 50cc?

If it does have a battery (some scooters don't) it will probably be under the seat.

Do you have to have a license to drive 49cc scooter?

Depends on which state you live in. Some require a valid drivers license while others offer a "moped only" license. However, in most states, you do not need a motorcycle endorsement to ride scooters that are under 50cc (note for those no in the know: most 50cc scooters are actually under 50cc). You'll need to check with your states DMV or Dept of Revenue.

What is the scooter of lightest weight?

For a production scooter 50cc and not a moped, I'd estimate that the mid-1980s Honda Spree at about 85 lbs dry weight as the lightest scooter. Most 50cc scooters are about double that weight.

Can you operate a 50cc scooter in Florida with out a Tag?

No you cannot operate a 50cc scooter in Florida without a tag. You have to register it and it cost (in 2011) was 160 dollars. Very high considering the scooters are only 500 but its the law.

Is it legal to ride a gas scooter in New Jersey?

scooters have to be registered and insured in nj if it is under 50cc you do not need a motorcycle license

Is it legal to ride a bike on the freeway?

Hell no, 50cc scooters can't even ride on there! If it doesn't have a motor or transmission, it would be unwise.

Are electric scooters street legal in pa?

If you are referring to an electric moped, the answer would be yes. As long as the moped doesn't exceed 50cc, you will not be required to have a motorcycle license. For anything over 50cc, a motorcycle license will be needed. If you are referring to the type of electric scooters which you stand up on, such as those sold for children or an electric scooter such as a power wheelchair, the answer is no.

Kymco people engine diagram?

go to they have a free 200 page download for gy6 scooters. most 50cc are gyd or 139qmb.

What is the age to ride a gas powered scooters?

As long as they are under 50cc you can ride them on the street without a licence in all states at any age.

Are 3 wheel scooters allowed on UK motorways?

Scooters, mopeds or any motor vehicle under the capacity of 50cc is not allowed on the UK motorways by law. Electric Invalid carriages of any type are also banned from motorways.

Do all 50cc scooters have a limiter washer in the variator?

no not all of them, i have a 2012 motofino 50CC and it didn't have it but they do have rev limiters in the CDI, the stock carbs that can't be adjusted are set to burn lean to pass EPA guidelines, some have restrictors on the exhaust gasket.

How do you replace the belt on a 50cc baja scooter?

go to under free downloads. almost everything you need to know on scooters can be found there . including pics.

What is the gas oil mixture ratio on a 2005 powermax 50cc scooter?

The gas-oil mixture ratio on a 2005 powermax 50cc scooter is usually about 5% in the ratio of 20:1. For the tuned scooters they use 3% on the ratio of 32:1.Ê

Where can one purchase parts for a 50cc scooter?

Scooters are becoming more and more popular nowadays, and the 50cc scooter is starting to boom in business ventures. Once can purchase such a scooter in local car dealerships as well as online on most car stores' websites.

Is 50cc fast for a scooter?

cc's (cubic centimeters) are a measurement of power, not speed and 50cc scooters are considered to be entry-level in terms of power. More cc's equal more power and more power usually equates to more speed. Generally speaking, a 50cc scooter will have a top speed of 35-40 miles per hour.

Do you need a license to ride scooters in pa?

Yes. If it is 50cc or less a regular automobile license is all you need. Larger motor sizes require a motorcycle license.

Do you need a license to drive a scooter 49cc or under in New Mexico?

In NM you need a motorcycle license with W, Y, or Z endorsement, even for scooters <50cc.

How old do you have to be in Detroit to drive a motorcycle?

To drive any motorcycle over 50cc, you have to be a registered driver with a minimum age of 16. "Scooters" or "Mopeds" that have an engine of 50cc or less allow you to apply for an operator's permit at the Secretary of State office at age 15.

Need to get a license plate for your 50cc scooter in Kentucky?

If your scooter is 50cc and under, you don't have to have a license or insurance. But you do have to put an orange flag on it. It's the law. If you have any questions I suggest you call Highland motor sports in Louisville Kentucky. They know everything you need to know about scooters.