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Q: Food poisoning from outdated soda pop?
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Is Ginger Ale Pop?

by pop, im hoping you mean soda, as in soda-pop. and yes ginger ale is a soda-pop

When you visit Arizona would you ask for 'a soda' 'a 'pop' or a 'soda pop'?

In Arizona, you would ask for a soda or a soda pop.

What food contains the word pop?

Peanut butter poppers Jalapeno poppers pop corn/jiffy pop soda pop popsicles popovers lollipops

Is soda pop an acid or base?

Soda pop is an acid.

Is elf soda pop i?

is elf soda pop available

Is soda pop a mixture or substance?

Soda pop is a mixture.

Where can you find soda on HorseIsle?

You can find soda(pop) in the Treeton Food Store. Not the General store. LilJackrabbit-Dun Server

Do pop rocks pop faster in water or soda?

Soda and it is dangerous the soda could explode

Is coke a type of pop?

Yes. Pop is soda and Coke is a soda.

What are some soda survey questions?

What do you call it? -Pop -Soda -Coke -Soda pop -other What is your preferred soda? -examples

What food item do ponyboy soda pop and Darry enjoy for breakfast?

They enojoy tacos

What is the opposite of soda?

the opposite of soda is pop or it could be sodapop so pop!!!!!!!

Is soda pop a mixture or a compound?

Soda Pop fits the definition of a MIXTURE.

Does name brand or generic soda pop have more fizz?


Why do you call soda pop soda pop?

Sodium carbonate and when you shake it, it pops.

What was the age of soda pop from The Outsiders?

Soda pop was 16-going-on-17

What is a palindrome for soda?


What is a palindrome for soda pop?

Pop is a palindrome.

Does the soda and pop rock thing really work?

The soda and pop rock thing actually does really work. When you add pop rocks to soda pop the soda fizzles in the same way it would if you dropped it and immediately opened it.

How many teaspoons of sugar does a bottle of soda have?

The amount of sugar in soda pop varies from soda pop to soda pop. The average amount is 8 - 20 teaspoons, depending on variety choosen.

What is another word for soda?

Pop, soda-pop, carbonated beverage, soft drink.

How much was a soda pop in 1955?

The cost of a can of soda pop in 1955 was 10 cents. Today a single can of soda pop can cost a dollar or more depending on where it is bought.

Why do a lot of people say pop instead of soda?

Familiarity -some people call it pop, some call it soda, and some people call it soda pop.

Is pop compound?

Soda pop is a mixture.

What is the scientific name for fizz in soda pop?

The fizz in soda pop is carbon dioxide, or CO2