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Some things that are good to add would be foods high in folic acid and natural vitamins, like vitamin C, for example. These good foods would be colorful, fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains.

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Q: Foods that can help in pregnancy?
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What foods should I be eating during pregnancy?

There are several foods you should eat during pregnancy. You should eat green vegetables and drink juice.

Are there any websites that can help me find pregnancy diet?

It is up in the air what is a good pregnancy diet. A good way to start is by first eating a variety of foods, mainly foods high in fiber. For a more detailed plan go to

Is it safe to eat hot foods during pregnancy?


Where can I find information on young pregnancy?

You get plenty of information on how to help young girls during their pregnancy. You can get help through DHS, which is a very good way to get help for pregnancy.

What are some foods to avoid to not get heartburn?

Foods to avoid during pregnancy to not get heartburm include, spicy foods, acidic foods like oranges, lemons and limes, alcohol, fried foods and sodas.

Which food will aviod pregnancy?

well if u eat non pregnant foods u shouldn't get pregnant and also if u eat crayons and u do get prego ur baby will b creative and smart Alternate Answer: There are no foods that will allow you to avoid pregnancy. Pregnancy has no relationship whatsoever to diet. Suggest you research the cause of pregnancy at your earliest convenience.

Foods To Eat, And Not To Eat?

Once you find out you are pregnant, visit the doctor and get a pregnancy nutrition guide. The guide will list the appropriate foods that you should eat at different stages of pregnancy, and it will also inform you of the foods you should not eat. Some of the things to stay away from are soft drinks and foods that are high in sugar content. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables through the pregnancy to keep the baby, as well as yourself, healthy.

What food or drinks causes pregnancy?

There are no foods or drinks that can cause pregnancy. Pregnancy can only occur by the introduction of a man's semen into the reproductive tract of a woman though unprotected sex.

What are some foods never to eat during pregnancy?

Foods that are likely to include toxins or heavy metals should be avoided during pregnancy. This includes certain kinds of fish, as well as vegetables that have had lots of pesticides applied.

What foods help reduce acne?

Foods low in saturated fat help to reduce acne, so stay away from fried foods.

Are there any food sources that may help prevent pregnancy?

Not one I've heard of. Preventative measures is the only cure against pregnancy. Abstinence is even better if you are single. Marcy I'm not sure of any foods that have absolute proof. But there are some foods that are thought to be able to cause miscarriage if eaten in large enough amounts. And those are papaya, pineapple, and pomegranate. Angela

Where can I find information and advice on foods for depression?

There are some foods that help with depression. Actually chocolate is a food that will help with depression.���Foods-That-Help-Fight-Depression&���id=290867