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Mixer ------> EQ -------> Limiter -------> X'Over ------> Amps ------> Speakers

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Do you have to have car running when applying freon to ford focus?

Yes, in order for the compressor to take on the new coolant and oil charge the compressor ideally should be running. It is posiible to begin charging the system with freon prior to compressor initiation, however to get an accurate reading of the pressure in the system the compressor should be cycling with differential valve operating properly. If it is clogged or the compressor is not cycling then then low side reading will give an elevated pressure while charging the system. Does that make sense?

What exactly is an ac compressor?

An AC compressor is part of an air conditioner which may be used in a car's AC system. The compressor is used to change the pressure between the AC's compartments in order to help condense the refrigerant gas back into a liquid.

How do you engage the AC clutch to refill the system?

You don't need to engage the compressor clutch to recharge the system. In fact, you shouldn't engage it without refrigerant and oil in it, because the refrigerant carries the compressor oil in order to lubricate the compressor. But, to answer your question, you disconnect the low pressure switch, and run a jumper wire between the two female ends of the connector.

Why is compresser frozen?

When A compressor locks up on a car 99% of the time it is due to the compressor becoming worn out. When a compressor starts to wear small fragments of metal and rubber are pumped through the system. These fragments eventually make their way back into the compressor and jam it up destroying the compressor. This contaminates the entire system usually and will require a qualified, licensed technician to repair correctly. The system will have to be evacuated and all refrigerant recovered. The compressor, accumulator, and orifice will all have to be replaced in order to have a warranty. The entire system will have to be flushed. Next reassemble the system. Then a vacuum must be applied to remove any and all moisture in the system any moisture in the system will freeze and cause poor performance. Then finally the system must be recharged with the correct refrigerant and the exact capacity in weight, too much or too little will again cause poor performance even if its only one or two ounces with some systems.

What are the ratings and certificates for Law and Order Criminal Intent - 2001 Country Crossover 6-7?

Law and Order Criminal Intent - 2001 Country Crossover 6-7 is rated/received certificates of: USA:TV-14

Can the compressor in a 1997 Jeep Cherokee be bypassed?

An A/C compressor by-pass pulley can be installed in place of the A/C compressor. You might still be able to order one from the Jeep dealership, or NAPA can order one. Naturally. you can also search on-line for the part.

1998 Honda crv repaired ac control panel compressor still doesn't turn on?

Some possibilities: (1) The internal cabin temperature sensor may be bad. (2) The relay that controls the A/C compressor is bad. (3) The A/C refrigerant needs re-charging (if there is not enough in the system the compressor will not turn on, in order to prevent itself from burning out).

What does crossover mean in basketball?

In the game of basketball, a crossover is a type of dribble where the ball handler bounces the ball in front of him/her from one hand to the other, in order to change the direction of their dribble quickly. For example, if a ball handler is dribbling to the left with his left hand and wants to quickly go to the right, he performs a crossover to the right.

Where can you order Master craft air compressor parts?

regulator valve

How can you troubleshoot air compressor failures?

An air compressor is a complicated machine , in order to trouble shoot any problems , there must be a detailed description of the problem/s.

What to check if Mercedes Benz 1995 E320 ac does not blow cold and front two fans do not engage when ac is on?

You need to check that there is actually gas in the a/c system, because if the system is empty of gas , the clutch will not engage in order to protect the compressor.

Why does your truck air conditioner blow hot air?

There are many reasons why an AC system can end up providing insufficient cooling, and a proper diagnosis is required in order to narrow it down. It could be low refrigerant (typically due to a leak in the system), excessive refrigerant, blockage in the system, problems with the compressor or compressor clutch, damaged condenser fins which do not allow sufficient airflow to go through for the heat exchange, a bad high or low pressure switch, etc. I would suggest that you go to a qualified shop and have them run a system performance test in order to diagnose the problem.

Does the ac compressor need the overheat switch hooked up in order to work?


How do you fix your 1994 explorer when every time you turn on your defrost it chokes and dies?

I'M NOT A MECHANIC but I know on my 1995 XLT when I select defrost the air conditioning system compressor will cut in and out in order to de-humidify the air. I was just wondering if your A/C compressor pulley turns or if something is seized up ?

Can we run our heat pump to heat the house even though the compressor is not working?

No. The compressor is needed to run in reverse in order to pull warm air from the outside to heat the home.

The compressor overload should be set at at how many amps?

In order for this question to be answered properly, you need to provide more info such as what size is the compressor 9ie the amperage and voltage rating).

What needs to be changed besides checking the fuse in Chevy Silverado in order to get the ac compressor clutch to come on?

There is a pressure switch that runs the clutch. If there is not enough freon in the system the switch will never allow the clutch to turn on.

How does a coil spring compressor work?

A coil spring compressor is a piece of repair machinery typically used in car repairs. They help to depress the coil spring in order to remove or replace it.

What will you get if you pre order Alien vs Predator 3?

Nothing, because no such movie exists. No one is making a third AVP crossover movie.

Clinical thermometer is which order system?

first order system

How do you change the AC compressor in a 1990 Lincoln Continental?

Its a bit of a job, but in order to do it correctly, you need to remove the alternator and water pump and then you will have clear working area to remove and install the A/C compressor.

Can you connect a switch to another switch?

Yes you can connect two or more switches together You need a crossover cable in order to accurately connect them though.

How do you replace the ac air compressor in a 1993 Chevy silverado 1500?

First you pull off the belt. Then pull off the plug. Then undo the bracket on the back of the compressor that connects to the manifold. Then pull off your freon lines. Watch for the freon to spray out. Undo the top bolts on the compressor first, and then undo the bottom bolts. Sometimes the bottom bolts, have a notch cut out of the washer head, and that's the only way you can pull them out. So look for the notch. Then you should turn the compressor to the right, and pull it up, because it has a lip welded in that doesn't let the compressor pull straight up. Then you repeat the steps in reverse order. You will have to recharge the system after you get it hooked up.

Why does compressor cycle on and off while in heat mode on 2000 Eddie Bauer?

If you have " defrost " selected the compressor cycles on and off if it's not too cold outside in order to dehumidify the air - that's normal

What are the cheats in Super Mario crossover?

I haven't gotten all the cheats myself, but, if you click on a un-obtained cheat it will tell you what you need to do in order to unlock that cheat.

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