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For how long is the president elected?

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Four years.

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How long is a president elected in Canada?

There is no president in Canada.

For how long do you elect the president for?

The president is elected for a four-year term. They can only be elected twice.

How long can the president be a president in the Philippines?

21 years if the president if it was elected.

How long is the president and vice president elected for?

4 years

How long do you elected the president?

4 years

How long is it for the president to get elected?

4 years

How long is the president elected for?

Every Four Years

How long of a term is the President elected for?

4 years

The president is elected to serve for how long?

4 years

How long is the president of paraguy elected for?

5 years

When was Jefferson elected president and how long was his term?

Jefferson was elected president in 1801 and served until 1809,a period of 8 years

How long does a president serve?

The president serves for 4 years, or 8 if re-elected.

How long is Spanish president elected for?

yeah he 1 old

How long as there been a president?

ever since he got elected

Who was elected president and vice president in 1952?

In 1952 Eisenhower was elected president and Nixon was elected vice-president.

How long can a Peru president be in charge?

A president of Peru serves a 5-year term, and is not immediately re-electable. They may be re-elected after another president has been elected.

When was Johnson elected for president?

Andrew Johnson was never elected president but was elected vice-president in 1864. Lyndon Johnson was elected president in 1964.

How long does the vice president serve?

The vice president is elected to a four-term just like thr president.

How long do you elect each president?

Each president elected stays in office for four years

How long is the vice president elected for?

The VP serves the same term as the president- four years.

Who was the only president to get elected twice?

Every president who was re-elected was elected twice, but Grover Cleveland is the only president to be elected twice, but not re-elected.

When was Abraham elected president?

he was elected president in 1860.

How long can you stay vice-president in us?

You can be Vice-president for as long as you can be re-elected to the office. There are no term limits for the VP.

How long are french president elected for?

Five years, renewable once

How long was president McKinley president?

He was president for a full term (four years) then was shot soon after he was elected into his second term.