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The answer to this question depends entirely on the country, state, province or city where you live.

Please ask this question again and be sure to give the place you are interested in.

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For how many hours does load shedding happen in Karachi?

For how many hours does load shedding happen in Bangladesh?

For how many hours does load shedding happen in Bangalore?

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Q: For how many hours does load shedding happen?
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What is meat by load shedding causes of load shedding and what is the solution?

Lack of electricity is called load shedding.There are many causes of load shedding some are: 1.demandz of electricity supplier's. 2.govt irresponsibility they are not paid full payment to electricity suppliers SOLUTION: We have to make some plains and arrange meeting and make sure them that we paid your payment in installments.

How does load shedding affect people in everyday life?

There are many problems face in our life due to load shading's disturb our study.

What are the disadvantages of load shedding on businesses?

Load shedding can be a big disadvantage for businesses for many reasons. One such reason is that businesses may not have the individuals who are properly trained performing the tasks that they were positioned within the company to do. This can be a safety issues and create production problems.

How can you eliminate the problem of load shedding?

Load shedding is the solution to the problem of too much load and not enough generation (ie load shedding isn't a problem). There is no way to completely remove load shedding and keep a stable system - you could add excessive generation everywhere, but this is not financially feasible. Load shedding provides a solution where some load is dropped for a short period of time until generation can be brought into balance with the load. There are too many factors that can come into play that could cause a load shedding scheme to kick in to save the system from collapse that cannot be predicted such as: -major generation failure (major hydro dam breaks, generator shorts internally, etc.) -major transmission failure (natural disasters such as ice storms, massive tornados, earth quakes, hurricanes...) -Human element problems (mistakes leading to power swings, which can lead to islanding, which may result in some islands having too little/too much generation at any given time).

Why load shedding panels are used in substation?

If you have many Gas turbine Generators working on parallel, if any fault happened in one generator ( so this generator is no longer feeding the load ) load shedding panels will disconnect a group of predetermined Less important loads to help the working generators in the additional load (which may come after fault of the mentioned generator ).

How many credit hours in semester load?

I believe 16

Why is there load shedding in Karachi?

Load shedding occurs when utility companies ration available power to certain areas. The reason for rationing is a lack of sufficient power to meet the demand. Karachi, like many areas of Pakistan, is facing a load shedding crisis. It is felt particularly hard in Karachi due to its importance as a primary industry city. The current government lays the blame for the lack of power on the previous leadership, claiming it did nothing to avoid the problem when it first became evident. There are also those who believe much of the problem is artificial. However, there are steps being taken by the government and utility companies to ease the problem.

How many hours are there in one semester?

It depends on the credit load taken. One credit equals 16 hours of class contact time for the semester.

Why was load shedding implemented?

Load shedding was implemented to save money. It also saves pollution. Load shedding is what electric utilities do when there is a huge demand for electricity that exceeds the generation available. The alternative is to have a brown-out where the voltage is reduced. It costs a lot to have generators standing by just in case there is a surge of demand, and the operators of those generators expect to be paid whether they run the generators or not. An alternative is if there is a large consumer of electricity (say, a factory) that could suddenly turn off all its electricity demand, they could agree to do that on request, and it has the same benefit as adding that amount of generation to the electric grid. In fact, it's better -- as there is less demand on the wires which are often saturated at the same time. That factory has losses from shutting down its equipment and idling its workers, but if the money it gets paid is enough, then it's worth it. This is a perfect example of load shedding. There are many other cases where lots of smaller consumers agree to reduce demand on hot summer days, such as by reducing air conditioning or lighting. Someone who aggregates all these smaller cases can have the same effect as one big generator and so get the same money, and the operators of the electric grid are happy as it effectively solves the peak demand problem. Pollution can be reduced by load-shedding as well. Often, the generators that you run as a last resort are the least efficient and most polluting. If you don't need to run those because you saved energy elsewhere for the few hours of highest power demand, we all win.Load shedding kicks in when there is more load than there is generation. It's to protect the system from a brown out, or a blackout if load is really excessive.

Is there many power cuts in langa cape town?

There are no more frequent power outages in the black township of Langa than in any other part of Cape Town. Power cuts have not occurred for some years but 2014 has seen Eskom, the public power utility introduce load shedding due to not being able to meet demand; Langa will be on the published load shedding plan like any other part of Cape Town.

How long does it take to set up a performance by Trans-Siberian Orchestra?

I have set up many concerts including TSO, and it takes 8 to 10 hours for load-in, depending on the arena, and 2 1/2 to 3 hours for load-out.

How many Hours can be worked by a 16 year old if in college?

as a minor, your work load must be for a part time worker which is maximum of 4 hours a day.

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