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Although we cannot recommend specific insurance companies, we recommend you contact your state's insurance commission to learn of approved companies. The fallout of the current Congressional action on Health Reform program may change the makeup of current insurers also.

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Do you still have health insurance coverage when unemployed?

Assuming you had health insurance when you were employed, you may continue that insurance through the COBRA program by paying the applicable premium. Those premiums will be much larger than the ones you were paying while you were employed.

What is opposite of employed?


What is a prefix for employed?


Are there financial assistance programs that help cover the cost of dentures?

Depending on the country you are from, where you are employed or unemployed and also whether you have health insurance that will cover them.

Is Maine mostly unemployed or employed?


How do you calculate unemployment rate?

100 X (number unemployed) / (number unemployed + number employed)

If the number of people classified as unemployed is 50000 and the number of people classified as employed is 250000 what is the unemployment rate?

You need to divide the unemployed by the TOTAL number of people (employed + unemployed). Then you can convert that number into a percentage.

People who are not currently employed are called what?

Unemployed or out of work.

How do the employed try to persuade the unemployed to work?


Where online might one apply for health insurance?

Your employer should have health insurance plans. If you are unemployed you can visit your social services office and get temporary health insurance. You can get temporary health insurance from social services even if you are employed, but you must meet the income requirements.

Is it possible for unemployment rates to increase at the same time that the number of employed persons is increasing?

Yes. Just means that people are replacing others, so for every one unemployed, one is employed.Another answer:No. In the above case, the status (rate) would stay the same as 1 merely replaces the other, but the ratio of unemployed to the total available work force remains the same. For example, if you have 50 unemployed and 50 employed workers, the unemployment rate is 50%. 51 unemployed and 51 employed is still 50%. Adding one more worker (i.e. just graduated from school), and you still have 50 unemployed, but now there is 51 employed. The rate now changes from 50% unemployed to 49.5% unemployed, so the unemployment RATE decreased by adding the one employed person. You CAN have unemployed NUMBERS, but not rate, increase at the same time as the employed NUMBERS increase, however.

Labour force minus the unemployed means?

It leaves the employed people.

How many people are employed by health insurance companies?

About 300,000 people are employed by the health insurance industry.

What companies offer self employed health insurance? lists health-insurance for the self employed. Along with resources to agencies that can provide information about insurance companies that sell this type of insurance, tips are provided for the self-employed concerning health and insurance.

What is a catchy slogan for anti-discrimination?

Self employed gets unemployed

Why have been unemployed for such a long term?

why have been un employed for such a long term

Why do unemployment rates increase?

Because more people become unemployed than employed.

What percent of alcoholics in America are unemployed?

Most alcoholics are employed and most are our friends and neighbors.

I was diagnosed with two brain tumors. I had the first one out last week and the second one will be removed this coming Friday. I am self employed and do not have health insurance. My wife is unemployed. Can you help me?

Can I get a grant to help with my medical expenses?

Can you get auto insurance if you're unemployed?

If you own a vehicle or you are steadily borrowing a vehicle that is not owned by you, you qualify for either traditional auto insurance or an unowned auto insurance policy regardless of you employment status. The main concern of the insurance company is that you pay your premiums on time and that your driving record and claims history meet their underwriting guidelines. They cannot deny you if you are not currently employed.

What are some good companies that provide self employed health insurance plans?

Companies of health insurance for the self employed can be found at EHealthInsurance's website. They have a comprehensive list of companies that deals with available health insurance for the self employed.

What health insurance policy is most suitable for someone who is self employed?

One who is self employed might find that the most suitable insurance policy would be against unemployment insurance. Many insurance companies offer such insurance.

Are homemakers considered unemployed?

Even though the homemaker is employed as a family unit, they are not part of the recognized work force, per se, and therefor are not part of the database of unemployed.

Is it difficult to get health insurance if you are self employed?

The website provided below has a lot of information regarding self employed health insurance, how to get it or keep it. Explaining the benefits of COBRA as well as other options for buying health insurance.

How many people are currently employed in Thailand?

There are over 38 million people employed in the country of Thailand. There are less than 286,000 people that are unemployed in the country.