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Upon the death of a person of importance or in remembrance of a hero/hero’s.

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What does it mean to fly a us flag at half-mast?

The US flag is flown at halfmast as symbol of mourning.

What does it mean when the american flag is flown at half-mast?

To honor a special day in history. For example, when someone famous dies, the flag is flown at halfmast.

What is a halfmast flag called?

A nation's flag may be flown half way up a flag pole as a symbol of respect, mourning, or distress.

What does a flag flown at half mast signify?

usually it means that someone important has passed away. bringing your flag halfmast show respect for the person .

When to flag fly flag halfmast?

When somebody has died.

For what purpose should the flag be flown at half mast?

As a sign of respect to honor the dead.

What type of weather should a flag not be flown?

A flag should not be flown during a major thunderstorm, tornado, etc.

During what types of weather should a flag be flown?

A flag should not be flown during a major thunderstorm, tornado, etc. Clear skys is the best type of weather for a flag to be flown.

Where should the US flag be when its flown with other flags?

If it is being flown with a state flag on the same flag pole it should be above. if they are on different flag poles, the state flag can be at the same level but no higher. No two national flags should be flown on the same flag pole.

Can us flag and state flag be hung together?

The American Flag should always be flown higher than the state flag and should be flown a half-mast when in peril or in rememberance.

What type of weather shouldn't a flag be flown in?

A flag should not be flown during a major thunderstorm, tornado, etc...

What are the only times of day should you fly the US flag?

The U.S. flag should be flown from dawn to dusk. If flown at night, it is to be illuminated.

Can the American flag be flown in rainy weather?

You can but it's not good for the flag. The unofficial flag etiquette says that flags should not be flown in the rain.

Why should a flag not be flown during a thunderstorm and tornado?

It will ruin our flag

What days should the flag be flown?

It should be flown on Australia Day, Labour Day and New Years.

When is a flag not supposed to be flown?

Generally, it is considered disrespectful to fly a flag, especially the U.S. flag, at night unless it is well lighted. Also, a damaged or frayed flag should not be flown if possible.

What kind of weather should the American flag not be flown in?

The United States flag can be flown in all kinds of weather. But, this is only possible when the flag is made of a weather-proof material.

Do you put a light on the flag at night?

If the U.S. flag is flown after dark, it should be lighted.

What does it means when the flag is flown upside down?

It is a sign of distress. SOS. The flag should only be flown upside down when you are in need of urgent help.

When should the flag be flown?

during the day when it isn't raining...

What holidays should the US flag be flown?

14 july

How should the flag be flown on Memorial Day?

The flag should be flown on Memorial Day because displaying the flag on this holiday we have set aside to remember the more than one million men and women who have died in defense of our Nation.

Texas Flag be flown above the US Flag?

No. No state flags can be flown above the US flag.

How should the flag be flown at night?

It should be flown with a spotlight hitting it. If it is raining or strange weather, its better to keep it inside, in a triangle fold.

Can the American flag be flown in the rain?

It can be flown whenever you want it to be. But to answer the question SHOULD it be flown in the rain, no. It should be flown when the weather permits from sunrise to sunset, unless it's an all weather flag. The American should be displayed 365 days a year from sunrise to sunset, with the exception of days it is raining. If it is raining at sunrise, you do not raise the flag. If it is not raining at sunrise, raise the flag; and if it starts to rain during the day, no matter the flag still stays up and you take it down at normal sunset.