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One has to be connected to a base In a wireless home network, there is no requirement for a computer to be connected, via wire/cable. The modem must be wired to router is the only requirement.

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Q: For wireless internet connections does one computer need to be connected to the base or can all computers be wireless?
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How many internet connections do you need to play the same game on two computers with two separate copies of the game online with each other?

Each computer has to be connected to the internet

What is the definition of an internet host?

The definition of an internet host is a computer connected to the internet. This computer can then play host to more connections through its computer network.

What is the difference between computer and internet?

a computer is a data processing device ... the internet is a bunch of computers that are connected to each other

What is interent?

The internet is a system of connected computer network. The internet uses TCP/IP protocol to link all the connected computers.

How are computer connected?

Computers are connected via Internet,which is commmonly known as network of networks. In History,computers were connected via telnet and various other technologies. But Internet has become popular in very short time.

How many network cards are wanted for make LAN and Internet connections?

A Network Interface Card, or NIC, is required for each computer on a Local Area Network, or LAN. Because older computers did not have the Universal Serial Bus, they had to have a NIC to be connected to a modem which was connected to the internet.

Uses of computer networks?

Computer networks can be used to share files and internet connections across multiple computers/devices.

Why access to yahoo email account is not possible from one computer and is possible from another computer?

If a computer is connected to the Internet, it can access e-mail. Not all computers are connected to the Internet, so they can not access e-mail.

Where does the Internet currently live?

In All computers connected to the Internet at the same time (not your personal computer, just servers)

Can the internet exist without computers?

The Internet is a system of interconnected computer networks. Without the computers networked together there is no Internet.

What is connected by the internet?

Computers (APEX)

Can you have two computers connected to one internet connections?

ofcourse you can... you may also have many more com[uters connected together to share... one needs to be the server and other becomes client... if you use modem you may also connect laptops to internet via wireless connections from internet...

What are the five ways a PDA can be used to access internet?

PDA's can access the internet though many types of connections. These connections include WiFi, Bluetooth, USB connections to a computer connected to the internet. Some more ways a PDA can connect to the internet are through a docking station and inferred beam connections.

What is the use of ICS in computers?

ICS is an abbreviation of Internet Connection Sharing, which allows one computer to connect directly to the Internet and share the connection with one or more computers on the same network. This was common practice with older dial-up connections where one computer had to release the Internet connection to allow another to gain Internet access. By sharing the same connection, one computer (the ICS host) could remain connected and share it with the others (ICS clients). With modern ADSL routers and always-on connections, this is no longer an issue.

Does having more than one computer on the Internet slow it down?

Shared internet gets slower more you have connected to it computers.

How is a firewall used on an intranet?

Basically your computer on the intranet is connected to a server which is connected to the internet. Your computer would have limited access the internet (or none at all) but you are connected to all other computers on the network allowing you to share information with others on the network (intranet) but not allowing you to download music and such from the internet.

How many computer network services are there?

A telecommunications network that allows computers to exchange is known as a computer network. The internet is a worldwide area of connected computers that uses the internet protocol suite to serve and connect billions of users.

What is a modem connected to?

A modem is connected to a computer and a phone line. When the internet is required the modem dials up and ISP and connects to the ISP computers by a phone call. The phone call remains connected to the ISP computer until access to the internet is no longer required.

Why libraries uses computers?

a library is for resaerching information, the internet has information so the computer which is connected to the internet can help you find what you are tying to research

Would a computer have to be connected to the internet to be affected by a cyber attack?

By definition a cyber attack:an attempt to damage, disrupt, or gain unauthorized access to a computer, computer system, or electronic communications network.By definition, no; the computer would not have to be connected to the internet.I believe what you mean is can a computer be tampered with remotely if it is not connected to the internet. No, however if the computer is part of a wireless network, other computers connected to the same access point are capable of tampering with the connected computer.

What is a computer technician?

a computer technician is a person who maintains and fixes computersA computer technician is someone who can fix problems with computers.This can be internal problems (internet connections) or external problems (wires with printers).

What does a computer network contain?

Computer network contains computers connected to each other. It is used to transmit data. Network of networks is called Internet.

What is the status of a computer that is connected to the internet?


On the internet a group of connected computers?


A computer directly connected to the Internet is called?

A computer directly connected to the internet. What else would ir be called?