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A Ford C-4 transmission is interchangeable with all engines which come factory equipped with it. It can be connected with a variety of other engines through adapters and modifications.

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What kind of transmission came in my 1985 ford mustang?

C4 transmission

What automatic transmission will fit my ford 360 4 x 4 f100?

The Ford C4 transmission will fit.

How do you identify a c4 transmission?

The Ford C4 transmission can be identified by the following.The pan will be square and have 11 bolts.If there are 17 bolts, it's a C6.

How do you add fluid to a Ford C4 automatic transmission?

It usually goes in where the dipstick for the transmission is.

How can one learn more about the transmission on a C4?

There are many ways to learn about the transmission on a Citroen C4 Picasso. One could take a course for engines and transmissions. Also one could purchase a workshop manual for a Citroen C4 Picasso.

What automatic transmission fluid is used in a 1979 ford F150 with a c4 transmission?

type f transmission fluid only

What type of transmission fluid do you need for 1976 ford c4?

Type F Automatic Transmission Fluid

What vehicles was the Ford C4 automatic transmission fitted to?

Mustang 64 to 70

What are some overdrive kits out there for the ford c4 transmission?

check out &

How can you determine if a ford C4 transmission is a 2 speed or 3 speed just by looking at it?

All C4 are 3 speeds. The old Ford-o-matics were 2 speeds.

Will a 302 Ford Motor fit a Ford Ranger transmission?

no the c4 is not compatible with the 302 you would need a c6

What type of automatic transmission is on a 1987 ford crown Victoria 302?

aod (C4)

What transmission is in a 1979 ford f100 ranger edition the c4 or c6?

a c-6

How much transmission fluid do you put in a ford c4 transmission?

4 quarts go in the torque converter and 3 in the pan.

Does a 1963 Ford country sedan have a C4 or a C6 transmission?

Most have cruise o matic

What is the fluid capacity for a c4 transmission?

Ford C4 Automatic Transmission refill capacity (approx): * C4 / 302 c.i. = 9 US quarts * C4 / 351 c.i. = 10.25 US quarts * C6 = 12.5 US quarts * FMX = 11.0 US quarts Use Ford "Type F" fluid Source: Haynes Ford V8 Mustang 1964 1/2 thru 1973 Automotive Repair Manual

Will a 351 Cleveland bolt up to a 1966 ford ranchero with a c4 transmition?

You need a C6 transmission

Which is better a C4 or a C6 Ford Transmission?

I'm not an expert on Ford transmissions, but, the C4 is usually considered a lighter duty transmission as it is used in cars for the most part, the C6 however, is used in Pick up trucks and high performance cars of the time period. I would say, depending on your needs, the C6 is the better transmission.

Will a c4 transmission bolt up to a 351 cleveland?

Yes. It was a common combination in Ford Light Duty pickups for years.

How many quarts of oil in c4 transmission?

It is important to know the oil capacity of a given transmission. For a C4 Transmission its oil capacity is 9 US quarts.

What trans is a d50p-7006-aa?

a ford c4 transmission 1975 or so thunderbirds mustangs maverics and trucks have these.

What motors will match with a C4 Transmission?


Can a 64 ford c4 trans be adapted to a ford 302 engine?

The C4 will bolt up to the 302 with the correct bell housing.

Are all the Ford C4 transmissions the same when it comes to rebuilding them Can you look at your C4 and tell what Transmission rebuild kit to buy I don't know what year it is?

Call 1-800-216-1632 they should be able to help you figure out which C4 you have. Hope This Helps and Good Luck.

How may gears does a C4 transmission have?

A c-4 transmission has 3 gears.

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