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Do you mean right after you start it ? When the engines cold ?

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Q: Ford crown Victoria engine stall and die?
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Will a 2007 ford crown Victoria police interceptor engine and transmission fit in a 98 ford crown Victoria police interceptor?


Does a 1985 Crown Victoria have a v6 engine?

Ford has never produced a Crown Victoria with a V6 engine. In 1985 Ford installed the 255 V8 and 302 V8 engines. The V6 engine wouldn't produce enough horse power for the heavy Crown Victoria.

Can you tell me what size engine and Bhp was available in the 1995 Ford Crown Victoria Ploice Interceptor?


Which air filter does 1996 Ford Crown Victoria use?

According to the 1996 Ford Crown Victoria Owner Guide and one of Ford's websites : ( Motorcraft FA-1032 engine air filter is used for the 4.6 liter V8 engine in a 1996 Ford Crown Victoria )

What kind of oil for 2000 ford crown Victoria?

The 2000 Ford Crown Victoria owners manual shows SAE 5 W - 30 engine oil

What is the spark plug gap setting ford Crown Victoria?

What year of Ford Crown Victoria and what is the engine size A little more information please

When was Ford Crown Victoria created?

Ford Crown Victoria was created in 1955.

How many valves are in a 1993 ford crown victoria?

In a 1993 Ford Crown Victoria : ( 2 valves per engine cylinder , total of 16 valves )

Which side of the engine is bank 1 on 2000 ford crown Victoria?

The passenger side of the engine

How much oil does 00 Crown Victoria hold?

A 2000 Ford Crown Victoria with the 4.6L V8 engine requires 5.0 quarts of oil.

Where is carbuerator located on 97 crown Victoria srs?

A 1997 Ford Crown Victoria engine is fuel injected so there is no carburetor

Will a motor from a 1989 ford Crown Victoria fit in a 1990 ford Crown Victoria?


Is 2005 ford Crown Victoria wheels fit 1999 ford Crown Victoria?


When was Ford LTD Crown Victoria created?

Ford LTD Crown Victoria was created in 1983.

Where is bank one on 2000 crown vic?

Bank 1 is the passenger side of the engine on your Ford Crown Victoria

OBD2 location on 1994 ford Crown Victoria?

Actually , the 1994 Ford Crown Victoria is OBD I ( EEC IV ) so there will be an EEC TEST connection in the engine compartment

Can you use a 1993 ford crown victoria intake manifold in your 1996 ford crown victoria?


How many tons is a ford Crown Victoria?

A Ford Crown Victoria is ( less than 2 tons )

Where is the starter located on a 1989 Ford Crown Victoria?

on the transmission where the engine and transmission join.

Need a wiring diagram for a 1996 Ford Crown Victoria with a 4.6 engine?


Will a Ford 4.6 2009 engine fit inside of a 1999 Crown Victoria?


Where is the air flow sensor on a 2005 ford crown Victoria?

On a 2005 Ford Crown Victoria , the Mass Air Flow Sensor is in the top of the engine air filter housing just before it connects to the big engine air intake tube

What oil filter does your 1994 crown Victoria use?

According to one of Ford's websites : For the 4.6 liter V8 engine in a 1994 Ford Crown Victoria : ( Motorcraft FL-820 engine oil filter )

Where is bank 1 sensor 1 on ford Crown Victoria?

Bank 1 is the passenger side of the engine on your Ford Crown Victoria Sensor 1 would be in the exhaust close to the engine before the exhaust enters the catalytic converter

Which side is bank 1 and which side is bank 2 on a 1999 crown Victoria?

On a 1999 Ford Crown Victoria : Bank 1 is the passenger side of the engine Bank 2 is the drivers side of the engine