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ROAD WEAR.we pay for the upkeep of our roads (UK) through our road tax as all 4x4 ownwers are eligable for road tax then we do pay our way.PEDESTRIANS.have free use of the paths, pavements, bridges and underpasses so use them, crossing roads should be done at an appropriate crossing .CYCLISTSare a risk to themselves get sum insurance to use the roads, contribute to the upkeep of the roads wear correct clothing then you can have your say on the matter until then use stabilizers and use the lanes correctly don't weave traffic and use the bike lanes often provided in major towns and cities and on the'A' roads until then i have no problem with you bouncing off the bonnet of my rangerover when you flout the road rulesPETROL USAGEmy rx7 twin turbo did 12 miles to the gallon with a 1.3 litre engine, my rangerover does 16 miles to the gallon with a 4.6 lite engine, if you can afford the fuel whats the problem start moaning about the pollutants fron the industrial sector of UK businesses, from the planes and trains, in the UK leeds has just received an order of new bendy buses that can only do 2 miles per gallon because they were too tight to use the 9 litre (bio)diesel engine opting for the much cheaper 5 litre (premuim) diesel engine instead.NOW THATS IRONIC


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It depends on the context, but pedestrians and cyclists, if obeying rules, are not hazards. Animals are considered hazards

In Georgia, cyclists are considered vehicles and must follow the same laws as motor vehicles. Hence, they must yield the right of way to pedestrians. Cyclists do not have the same right of way as pedestrians.Added: When a bicyclist is WALKING their bike they are considered to be pedestrians. If they are MOUNTED on the bike and riding they have the same ROW as a motor vehicle.

According to Census statistics: 2,889,000 people were injured in the United States due to motor vehicle accidents in 2003 including pedestrians and cyclists.

There are at least 8 for pedestrians and cyclists only. -The Thames is so long it's difficult to track all the bridges

definitely, if there is room to build it __ They give cyclists a safe space to ride and keeps them off sidewalks so pedestrians are safe too.

Everybody who is out and about in traffic should obey traffic signals. Only difference is the amount of damge they can do. Cars are the most dangerous, so police are more inclined to make sure they behave than pedestrians and cyclists.

According to Arizona State Laws cyclists have the exact same rights as motorists. One specific example is ARS 28-644 states cyclists must stop for traffic lights and at stop signs. Another example ARS 28-792 and ARS 28-904 states that cyclists must yield to pedestrians at crosswalks and on sidewalks.

Bridges are used by various members of a society. They may be used by pedestrians, by commuter drivers and cyclists, by law enforcement and emergency services vehicles, as well as by commercial drivers.

Reason number one - it is a law. Reason number 2 - it allows other drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists to know what your intentions are.

Yes, they are treated same as the Cyclists, and Pedestrians. However, when bringing the horses in the vicinity of a motor vehicle, you should always be very cautious

European Cyclists' Federation's motto is 'The Voice of European Cyclists for Over 25 Years'.

Bicycles take up less road and parking space than cars. Bicycles don't wear the roads down as much as cars. Bicycles pollute less than cars. Bicycles use less non-renewable resources than cars. Riding a bicycle provides the user with more health benefits than driving a car. Collisions between cyclists and pedestrians generally cause a lot less injuries than collisions between cars and pedestrians. Collisions between cyclists generally cause a lot less injuries than collisions between cars and cyclists. Being on a bicycle removes a lot of the anonymity and sense of power that car drivers may experience, which makes cyclists a lot less prone to road rage than car drivers.

i reckon there are 1 million or so cyclists in France

The population of Advocacy for Respect for Cyclists is 0.

Toronto Cyclists Union was created in 2008.

The population of Toronto Cyclists Union is 0.

The life expectancy of professional cyclists is about 50.

National Cyclists' Union was created in 1878.

European Cyclists' Federation was created in 1983.

Lady Cyclists' Association was created in 1892.

Three famous cyclists are Lance Armstrong, George Hincapie, and Floyd Landis.

how many cyclists in 2012 tour de france

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