Four wheel drives or suvs are said to cause more road wear threaten the safety of other road users including pedestrians and cyclists they also are uneconomic to run in terms of petrol usage ironicall?

ROAD WEAR.we pay for the upkeep of our roads (UK) through our road tax as all 4x4 ownwers are eligable for road tax then we do pay our way.PEDESTRIANS.have free use of the paths, pavements, bridges and underpasses so use them, crossing roads should be done at an appropriate crossing .CYCLISTSare a risk to themselves get sum insurance to use the roads, contribute to the upkeep of the roads wear correct clothing then you can have your say on the matter until then use stabilizers and use the lanes correctly don't weave traffic and use the bike lanes often provided in major towns and cities and on the'A' roads until then i have no problem with you bouncing off the bonnet of my rangerover when you flout the road rulesPETROL USAGEmy rx7 twin turbo did 12 miles to the gallon with a 1.3 litre engine, my rangerover does 16 miles to the gallon with a 4.6 lite engine, if you can afford the fuel whats the problem start moaning about the pollutants fron the industrial sector of UK businesses, from the planes and trains, in the UK leeds has just received an order of new bendy buses that can only do 2 miles per gallon because they were too tight to use the 9 litre (bio)diesel engine opting for the much cheaper 5 litre (premuim) diesel engine instead.NOW THATS IRONIC