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French word for trust and relationship?


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trust is translated 'confiance' and relationship is translated 'relation' in French.

'relation de confiance' is a standard phrase used when you feel that bond of trust in a relationship.

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Trust is "la confiance" in French.

Nothing. There is no such word in French, and never was if I trust Google.

Confiance is a French equivalent of the English word "trust."Specifically, the French word is a feminine noun. It may be preceded by the feminine singular definite article la("the") or the feminine singular indefinite article une ("a, one"). The pronunciation will be "koh-fyahnss" in French.

i totally agree trust is having faith in someone.trust is a commonly used word,without trust a relationship can not happen okkk! siyah i totally agree trust is having faith in someone.trust is a commonly used word,without trust a relationship can not happen okkk! siyah

It was important for the french to have full trust because then they can show how power full they are.

Its really not a relationship if there is no trust. That is a relationship based on lies

Trust is the most important thing in a relationship, it is the relationship. Without trust your relationship will fall apart. You don't know what will happen! Trust and love makes a great relationship.

If you're in a relationship, then yes you should be able to trust them. If you can't trust them, your relationship is unhealthy and you shouldn't be in it.

Trust. Most defintly. If there's no trust, there is no relationship.

Without trust relationship doesn't exist.

The word from French is spelled rapport (good relationship, affinity).

the main root of a relationship is trust in order for the relationship to be successful you must build trust

Rapport Just go to www.Yahoo.com/babelfish, and click English to french, and type in your word

Trust plays in both a friendship and a relationship

the story tell us if there is love in to the relationship there must have the word "TRUST" to each other . in order there relationship to survive

Tell him, if you are serious about the relationship that means that you trust him and if you trust him just tell him.

the welsh word for trust is 'ymddiried'

the first thing to do is to remember that actions speak louder than words. if u show them you can deserve their trust and show them that you trust them. This will help improve the trust basis of your relationship and help to build a stronger relationship.

The origin of the word fiance is french and is the past participle of fiancer. The word means "a promise" and is based on the latin word of fidere meaning trust.

a relationship that breeds trust is the best relationship with the boss!

The word atone is a verb. She had broken her friend's trust, and knew she had to atone if the relationship was going to continue.

English to French translationEnglish - TrustFrench - confianceBut I'm not 100% sure- Mmagill

The origin of the word fiance is mid 19th century, from French, past participle of fiancer 'betroth,' from Old French fiance 'a promise,' based on Latin fidere 'to trust.'

yep trust is the main thing in your relationship

a good relationship is trust, forgiveness, and understanding. if you dont have that how can you have a good relationship??

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