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aaaa good ol Kia. I'll start with a no. no sensors or fueses, i should say if your vehicle still runs than no to the obove. You do however need to take the assy. out. you will need to drill out whatever screws you cant get to pull out the assy. once out, you will need to drill the out the the holes of the screws that you allready drilled. to reinstall the assy. you will need to get self tapping sheet metal screws and replace all the screws with these. you will also need the hole assy. that the flout connected to. you can reuse the pump. the assy. will be a lot of $$$$ a after market housing goes for $200 to $300 and has everything but the pump... usualy, a used one may have the pump. Have fun and make sure u plan for a weekend job.

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โˆ™ 2008-01-03 03:19:55
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Q: Fuel gauge stuck on a quarter tank Cant get the fuel pump assy. out easily to check float and was wondering if there are any fuel level sensors or fuses or anything to check first?
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