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Fuel pump 96 silverado?



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First check to see if the pump is turning on by taking off the gas cap and put your ear to the opening while a friend turns on the key, you should hear a "click/humm" sound for about 2-3 seconds, if you hear that, chances are its not the pump, but if you don't hear that, the fuel pump is located in the gas tank, to replace it, you must remove 2 bolts for the tank straps, and you must disconnect 2 fuel lines, wiring harness for sending unit, ground wire that's attached to the frame near the drivers side rear wheel, and hose clamps for fuel neck and overflow. once that's done, drop the tank using a floor jack, clean the wax/grease that's around the retaining ring for the sending unit(where the lines go into the tank), and using a flat screwdriver, carefully tap the tabs that stick up in a counter clockwise direction till the ring can be taken out, there is a rubber ring that's under the retainer, a new one should come with the new pump, if not be careful not to nick/break it, you can re-use if neccasary. pull the sending unit assembly up out of the tank, take note of which end the arm for the gas gauge is pointing. then disconnect the fuel line attached to the pump, the wire plug and the filter. replace with new parts and make sure to put the rubber O ring back and grease around the retaining ring for the sending unit, as this will seal the opening from water/dirt. reassemble in reverse order and fire it up, i have replaced 6........yes 6 fuel pumps between my 96 & 97 pickups, take it from my experience, get the factory fuel pump from a dealer, its about 40 bucks more, but its absolutely worth it! the last pump for each were factory units because i was tired of changing the after market pumps and they have been going strong for 3 years now with no problems, and also try to keep your gas tank at half or higher, the gas actually helps cool the pump and it will make it last longer.