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It turned out to be that the motor in the fuel pump was good but the pump was shot, thus the humming sound. I replaced the pump only and bingo! Everything is fine.

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Why would my 1999 z24 be getting to much gas to the engine.?

Stuck fuel injector or busted diaphragm inside the fuel pressure regulator.

What is the intermitent humming sound coming from your unoccupied and locked and not running 2002 Accord EX?

an engine is hottest after you turn it off. The humming is the cooling fan automaticly running to cool your engine down for longer engine life.

Car engine whining or humming?

If this whining or humming is out of the ordinary, it's probably a bearing or bushing on the belt assembly that's wearing out.

How can you tell if the water pump is pumping?

If the engine is warmed up, the thermostat has opened and coolant is circulating, the pump is pumping.

What is a beer engine?

A beer engine is a device for pumping beer from a cask in a pub's cellar.

The fuel pump is humming all the time?

As long as the engine is running, this is normal.

Whats going to happen if you dont change your oil filter ever?

It will eventually plug up. You will then either starve the engine of oil, or be pumping unfiltered oil through the engine. Both will lead to engine failure.It will eventually plug up. You will then either starve the engine of oil, or be pumping unfiltered oil through the engine. Both will lead to engine failure.

Why do you have to pump the accelerator to start the car?

It would depend on the vehicle. If the vehicle has a carburetor, the pumping action primes the engine with fuel to help start the engine. If the vehicle has fuel injection, pumping is not required.

What could be the cause of a humming noise from the engine of a 2002 Toyota Corolla?

There could be a humming noise from the engine of a 2002 Toyota Corolla because of low oil or a fouled spark plug. It can also indicate a more serious problem.

What causes a humming noise when switching off the engine of your vw golf 2007?

radiator fans running to cool engine...

Is there supposed to be a humming nosie while driving a neon?

There can be a slight humming noise while driving a neon. This sound could come purely from the engine to indicate that it is running.

Why does your car make a humming noise?

The humming is a series of explosions in the engine happenning very quickly. Could also be an electric fuel pump if the vehicle is equipped with one.

What is Humming noise from Saturn Ion 2007?

where is the humming noise coming from? if it's coming thru the speakers and matches the rev tone of the engine, then you have a bad ground in your stereo.

What was the first steam engine used for?

Pumping water from deep mines.

What might cause a faint humming noise in your car that grows to a higher pitch although not louder when the gas is pressed?

the engine the engine

Why would the cruise control not work after washing the engine of a 92 Jeep Cherokee at the carwash?

There's a diaphragm with a cable in the engine compartment going to the throttle linkage, on the diaphragm there's a connector with wires, disconnect the connector and spray some contact cleaner into the connector and diaphragm. See if that corrects your problem.

Why does the engine make a humming noise near the alternator after you shut down the VW 2001 Beetle 1.8T?

Your engine might make a humming noise near the alternator after you shut it down because the fan is still running or because the fuel pump is shutting down. Another cause for the humming noise could be the AC motor turning off.

Why is your 1992 fxstc pumping oil out by the carb?

Your check valve is not holding in the oil pump and allowing the oil to fill the engine. When you start up, the oil pump is trying to empty the engine and excess is pumping out the breather or overflow.

97 Crown Victoria no fuel pumping?

The fuel pump is not building pressure to push the fuel to the engine so i would suggest getting your fuel pump checked and or get a new fuel pump.

Is it legal to leave your engine running while pumping gas in Minnesota?

yes its a law

How do you change 1961 mercury 6 hp outboard fule pump check valve?

there is no check valve only a diaphragm pump on the side of the engine. if this is what you are talking about it is a diaphragm sandwiched between two aluminum blocks and then a gasket between that and the engine.

1999 suburban 350 getting fire but will not crank fuel pump is pumping. Could it be the temperature coolant sensor?

NO. You must check the fuel pressure with a fuel gauge. Just because you hear the fuel pump running doe's not mean it is pumping enough pressure to stat the engine. That engine requires 60 to 66 LBS of fuel pressure to be able to start and to run. NO higher and NO lower.

Where was the first steam engine used?

The first steam engine, a water pump type, was used in mines, pumping stations, and the textile industry.

Why is engine Turning over but not starting?

No fuel (out, or pump not pumping) or no spark (or really bad timing).

Did James watt invent the steam engine by accident?

No, he improved on Newcomen's design for pumping engines.

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