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Full fom of MVAR?

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Mega - Volt - Ampere - Reactive

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A transmission line has 30 megawatts and 40 megavars what is the megavolt amps load on the line?

By definition, MVA is equivalent to the vector sum of MW and MVAR: MVA^2 = MW^2 + MVAR^2 = 2500 MVA = 50

How do you calculate MVAR with mw and mva?

mw/mva=power factor reactive power(Q)=I2XL or E2/XL where XL= REACTANCE apparent power = square root of (MW2 + MVAR2 )

What is the cost of Static Var compensator?

For 230 kv application, Its around 75k/MVar

What is MVA in electricity field?

MVA is the apparent power. MVA=( MW+ MVAr)1/2

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What is full form of mvar?

As you have written it (mvar), it stands for 'reactive millivolt amperes', but I think you probably mean 'Mvar', which stands for 'reactive megavolt amperes'. These are units for reactive power of an alternating-current load.A lower-case 'm' represents 'milli', whereas an upper-case 'M' represents 'mega'. 'V' represents 'volts', 'A' represents 'amperes', and 'r' represents 'reactive'.SI does not specify a symbol for reactive volt amperes (it only recognises 'watts'), so it is seen in written in various ways, including: var, VAR, VAr, VA(r), and VAr -in each case, it is also common to see a 'raised period' between the V and the A -e.g. V.Ar .

How do find voltage from mvar and mw?

mw is the unit of real power and mvar is unit of reactive power. You should now the current and power factor angle to calculate the voltage.p=vi cos piq=vi sin piAnswerI think you mean MW, not mw -capital 'M' mega; lower-case 'm' milli!!! And the symbol for watt is a capital 'W', not a lower case 'w'. Also, I think you mean 'Mvar'(mega, not milli!).

A transmission line has 30 mw and 40 mvar flowing what is the mva flow on the circuit?

MVA= square root of (MW2 + MVAR2 )

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