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Full form of sd-RAM?


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The full form of sd-RAM is Synchronous dynamic random access memory.

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full form of SD-RAM is static disk random access memory..............................

Synchronous Data Random Access Memory

Full form of DDR is Double Data Rate. DDR-SDRAM : Double Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory.

No. SDRAM and DDR SDRAM are not compatible with each other.

PC133 is an SDRAM standard. SDRAM is a type of RAM.

Physical size of the memory card. Mobile sdram is smaller than sdram for desktops.

No. SDR SDRAM and DDR SDRAM modules are not interchangeable.

SRAM DRAM SDRAM XRAM is not a form of RAM.

2 on desktop non DDR SDRAM and 1 on laptop SDRAM

Sdram has one notch. Depending upon the model of Sdram the number of pins it has can vary but a standard Sdram has 184 pins.

The fastest technology in actual is laan, laan is the longest and most profound memory ever.

Yes, if it uses some other form of memory.

Unlike the traditional DRAM, which is asynchronous, the SDRAM exchanges data with the processor synchronized to an external clock signal and running at the full speed of the processor/memory bus without imposing wait states.

DDR SDRAM uses 184 pins.

supplied by Short for Synchronous DRAM, a type of DRAM that can run at much higher clock speeds than conventional memory. SDRAM actually synchronizes itself with the CPU's bus and is capable of running at 133 MHz, about three times faster than conventional FPM RAM, and about twice as fast EDO DRAM and BEDO DRAM. SDRAM is replacing EDO DRAM in many newer computers. SDRAM is a variant of DRAM in which the memory speed is synchronized with the clock pulse from the CPU. This synchronization enables the SDRAM to pipeline read and write requests. Pipelining enables the SDRAM to accept commands at the same time as it is processing other commands. There are three variants of SDRAM: Single Data Rate SDRAM - SDR SDRAM Dual Data Rate SDRAM - DDR SDRAM

The term DDR SDRAM refers to the phrase "double data rate synchronous dynamic random access memory". DDR SDRAM is simply a faster version of SDRAM in which data travels at a double rate. If your computer specs say that it uses DDR SDRAM it can take DDR SDRAM, but not SDRAM. DDR is 184 pins and has a notch in the bottom near the center and you will be unable to put DDR in an SDRAM mother board and also unable to put SDRAM in a DDR motherboard. Recently a new type of RAM has been introduced to market called DDR2. DDR2 is its own type and will not fit into a DDR motherboard. Hope this helps. Peace.

Non-ECC memory cannot be used on a board that is made for ECC memory. ECC memory is a specialized form of error correction memory.

SDRAM modules are available in sizes ranging from 16 MB to 1 GB.

Dram and Sdram are two different types of memory.

In order to upgrade SDRAM with DDR, you will need to replace your motherboard. DDR uses a different slot than SDRAM, so if your motherboard is using SDRAM currently, you will most likely have to replace your motherboard in order to make your system support DDR.

The actual term for computer memory SDRAM is Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory. You can learn more about SDRAM online at the Wikipedia website.

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SDRAM is faster and better performance than EDO

DDR SDRAM has one notch and uses 184 pins.

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