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Check the vent tube that leads from the top of the tank to near the top of the fill pipe. If the vent is kinked you won't be able to fill without having the problem you describe.

2006-07-29 04:12:49
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What does Mexico face serious pollution from?

63% of Mexico's environmental incidents have to do with oil, gas, diesel and fuel oil spills.

What is the oil spill in the gulf?

There was recently a giant oil spill--an oil pumping station basically exploded, causing the largest oil spill in recorded history, as most other oil spills--if not all--have been tankers. This was a whole station.Other possible answers include:The Ixtoc I oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 1979Other Gulf of Mexico oil spillsPersian Gulf oil spills, possibly including the Gulf War oil spillOil spills in gulfs off of China.

Have there been oil spills in Antarctica?

Yes there have been oil spills in Antarctica. There was one in 2007. The MS Explorer, an adventure cruise going to Antarctica hit an iceberg. It sunk with 50,000 gallons of diesel, 6,300 gallons of lubricant and 260 gallons of gasoline.

What type of pollution is prevalent in Mexico?

63% of environmental problems in Mexico are derived from oil and oil-related substance spills, such as diesel, gasoline or heavy oils.

How oil spills effect humans?

Oil spills affect humans because oil spills are dangerous

Why are oil spills bad for plants?

oil spills are bad for plants because the oil spills will kill the plants

How many oil spills are there every year in Antarctica?

Any oil spills are contained and addressed as emergencies, because all are accidents based on careless handling of oil products. The number is not available, but it is a small number, perhaps one accident for every station in a year or more.

Why must you wipe up spills?

If you do not wipe up spills somebody can walk on the spills and slip and hurt themselves badly

Is a wooden computer work station or a metal computer work station more durable?

Metal is more durable then wood and will last longer. Metal can handle marks or spills better then wood. If you spill liquid on wood it can rot easily

What is a good catchty title for a project about oil spills?

spills everywhere

How do people adapt to oil spills?

By seeing a lot of oil spills

Are chemical spills an infectious disease?

Chemical spills are not an infectious disease.

What are the good and bad effects of diesel-fired power plant to the environment?

Good effects on the environment:noneBad effects on the environment:diesel is a fossil fuel so it emits carbon dioxide, which is causing global warming.usually used in remote areas away from the electricity grid, so diesel has to be trucked there with the resultant damage to vegetation and the environment from vehicles and spills.

Does caboolture river have oil spills often?

yes caboolture river has oil spills all the time it is very common for its oil spills

How many shallow water drilling oil spills have occurred?

The number is not known or at least not published. The total number is spills from oil oil platforms is known and accounts for a very small percentage of all oil dumped or leaked into our waters. The number of spills is known: The Gulf of Mexico (267 spills) The northeastern U.S. (140 spills) The Mediterranean Sea (127 spills) The Persian Gulf (108 spills) The North Sea (75 spills) Japan (60 spills) Baltic Sea (52 spills) United Kingdom and English Channel (49 spills) Malaysia and Singapore (39 spills) The west coast of France and north and west coasts of Spain (33 spills) Korea (32 spills) The vast bulk are shallow spills and very few leak much oil. There are certainly exceptions but shallow oil drilling gives us far easier solutions to the situations then deep water does. The vast bulk of oil spilled into our waters is from permanent fixtures and sites. Pipelines are one example.

How do you contain oil spills?

use booms t contain oil spills

Can oil spills catch on fire?

Yes, oil spills can catch on fire.

Does drilling for oil create oil spills?

It can definitely contribute to oil spills.

What are bacteria used for?

used for cleaning up oil spills used for cleaning up oil spills used for cleaning up oil spills

How many oil spills have there been in the world?

About 125 known major oil spills.

There are a lot of unreported oil spills?

Large spills, particularly tanker spills, are visible from the sky. There is close monitoring of spills in the US Gulf of Mexico, for even small spills from tanker loading. However, not all accidental discharges are not reported in the US. See link. Other countries may not report minor spills, particularly if they occur in on land and in remote areas where the environmental impact is limited. There has been efforts to increase international cooperation in reporting spills. See related links.

What does chemical spills mean?

Chemical spills mean that an agent that is scientifically laded with liquids of a chemical nature has been spilled. The term chemical spills means is similar to the oil spill that was credited to BP. Chemical spills can be an danger to the environment and to nature.

What is the effect of oil spills?

the effect of oil spills is that it kills animals .such as birds and it can harm humans

What happens if your breast spills milk?

If your breast spills milk (also known as colostrum) then you are pregnant

How are oil spills disaters?

oil spills kill or harm wild life and it pollutes the earth