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Girl like order man?

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they think there more mature, but they just hide it better.

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how do I get a girl to like me?

be yourself man

How do i get a girl to like me if I am also girl?

come onto her and flirt with her like you would with a man.

How can you tell if my girl like a next man?

only if your a girl too.

How do you act like a girl?

Be feminine if you are girl. But if you are a man then learn to be masculine.

How can make girl friend?

By talking to the girl and making her feels that she is in good hands.Some girl like man who cares about every single that they says.And most girl like being cherish by the man which is his job to do.

How can a girl pretend to be like a man?

have a penis

Why do man suckes nipple of a girl?

they like it !

How do you tell a girl you like here?

be a man and do it

How do you get an 11 girl to like you if your 10?

be a man

Is there a different between a girl walrus in a man walrus if so What is the different?

Man walrus like play sports, girl walrus like make dinner.

What 80s movie is about a very pretty girl that dresses like man in order to get fair shot for school column?

Just one of the guys.

What do you do if the girl you used to like that didnt like you likes you now and theres a girl that you also like and you think she likes you too?

go for the girl you like the most and ask her out man

What do I do if I really like this girl?

Go for it your a man ask her out.

Can a girl pee like a man?

No. It is physically impossible.

How do you break it to the girl you like that you like them?

Just tell her like a man and maybe she will like you aswell.

What kind of man do you like?

I like a man who isn't afraid to tell a girl how he feels and also has a good sense of humor.

What a girl like in the man?

nothing other then care and affection

What is a compound formation?

i dont now man i like girl

What is the movie where a girl dressed like a boy?

Its 'she's a man' =)

How do you find out if the girl you like likes another man?

Ask her.

What will you do if man likes you and like another girl?

destroy him utterly

What do you do if you want a guy to stop flirting with a girl you like?

to the guy: nothing...let him be...fight fair like a real man...the best man wins.. and if you want her to be your girl then it's up to you...

Is it wrong if you are a girl and you like a girl?

yes it is wrong because if you'r a girl your suppose to like guys it is not normal for you to like girls God gave you this gift to like man don't put it to waste

What does him mean?

it means boy,man. like if you would call a girl she its the same but man version

What does lesbean mean?

It means when a girl and another girl like each other like man and a women except a women and a women.