Clutches and Flywheels
Pontiac Fiero

Got a 1986 Fiero w 51k miles needed a clutch Replaced it but still wouldn't fully disengage Round 2 checked all components found to be OK Result the same Clutch throw is .875 in Where do I look now?



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I don't know if you have removed the inspection plate or not, if not on the bottom of the tranny remove the four 10 mm bolts and have someone work the clutch pedal while you examine the throw from underneath. The slave cylinder throw bolt can be threaded out a little where it meets the arm but if the clutch and pressure plate are both new and the correct ones, and it was instaqlled correctly, the problem more than likely lies in the slave or master cylinders. Try bleeding the lines by pumping the clutch pedal several times then holding it down, while someone else relieves the pressure at the slave on top of the tranny. Tighten the valve back up before releasing the pedal, if the throw doesn't increase after 2 or 3 tries, and air is still coming up with the brake fluid from the bleeder valve, there is obviously a leak in the sytem. If the pedal becomes very hard to push there is a bind in either the fork and throwout bearing or the plate and clutch itself. good luck-FIERO DAVE