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Q: Government system in which the people elect representatives to make and enforce laws that govern COUNTRY?
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How representative government works?

The people appoint and send representatives to a central location to decide how to govern a country. If the representatives don't do what the people want, they lose their positions.

What do you call a government in which voters representatives to govern them?


What do you call a government in which voters can choose Representatives to govern?

It is a democracy.

Is a government a person?

Answ2. Only in totalitarian states.In democracies, there is held a 'popular vote' in which representatives are chosen from round the country, to govern the country.NO!!!!

What is a government called when people choose representatives to govern them?

A democracy - a democratic government of publicly elected representatives.

Who govern a country?

A government governs a country.

What does Norway's government do to their country?

Govern it

What is the definition for government officials?

people who govern a country, establishment. people who govern a country, establishment.

The term national republic means what?

a system of government in which people elect representatives to govern.

Why don't judges rule to the law rather than political parties?

The judiciary of democratic nations, judges are sworn to enforce and make decisions based on the laws that govern the judicial branch of government in any given country.

In a republic did the people choose representatives to govern them?

Yes. A republic is a form of government in which the citizens choose their leaders and the people (or at least a part of its people) have an impact on its government.

What is the verb for government?

The verb for government is govern.Other verbs are governs, governing and governed.Some example sentences are:"We will govern this country to do better"."He governs us well"."I like governing this country"."We were governed by a great man".