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no. they could be emo, goth, or sceen.

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Can gay guys wear skinny jeans?

I'm not gay, but I think skinny jeans would be a must-have item for gay guys.

Are skinny jeans gay?

No. They are not gay girls wear them all the time (in winter) but guys can still wear them.

Are tight jeans gay?

yes they are.

Why is wearing tight pants considered gay for guys?

It's because tight jeans show off your figure. Girls wear tight clothes to flaunt what they have. Have you ever seen a girl tie a baggy shirt back with a hair tie? We do this because we don't want to look fat I guess. People consider tight clothes to be gay because they are so used to relating "the snug fit" to females. Personally, I don't think tight jeans look bad on guys. Especially skinnies

Are skinny jeans for gay people?

no not at all unless you are gay and you wear themgirls suit them really well if your skinny toosome boys suit them really well but some guys dont but i know loads of people who wear them and they are not gaySkinny jeans are a style worn mostly by the youth. There are many different styles, from skinny jeans that you can barely fit into, to skinny jeans that are loose enough to sag.Straight men and women wear them, but there is a slight reputation for males who wear them to be gay. However, this is not always the case, and many other guys wear them too.Skinny jeans are a style, not a sexuality.

What jeans do Jonas Brothers wear?

They wear skinny jeans and they are not gay,lol

Are super skinny jeans gay on guys?

No. No clothing is gay on guys. Clothing cannot be gay. Only people can be.

Is Mark Goodman gay?

As gay as skinny jeans and a fedora on guys.

Is it gay for a guy to wear skinny jeans?

No and yes because some guys it looks so hott and on others heck no.

Is valentine is gay?

yes with those tight skinny jeans

Do only gay guys wear yfronts?

No. In fact, there is no clothing that "only gay guys wear."

Are guys in skinny jeans gay?

No its just fashion.

Are the Big Time Rush guys gay?

Actually, they are not because they just have to wear tight pants because all pop stars do.

What type of clothing should gay people wear?

Gay people wear the same clothing as you an I. However, Many gay men prefer tight-fitting shirts and an overall "classy" look. Very few wear the urban baggy style clothes. Gayton12: Another thing: plaid. I've seen many gay people wearing it. I myself, am gay too, and I usually wear tight and normal fit plaid shirts, along with khakis/slacks, but on special occasion I wear skinny jeans.

Should you wear super tight skinny jeans or a bit loose if you are a guy?

well i wear the super extra tight ones and i love them, they feel really nice ut i am gay so you might want to go for looser ones so you dont attract so much male attention unless you are gay as a lot of peope think that males who wear skinnys are gay.

What do gay guys wear?


Is it gay for guys to wear sweatpants?


What are your opinions on men wearing tight jeans?

many guys (both gay and straight) think tight jeans look great on slim or muscular guys, especially if they are ultra-low rise cut, and don't sag, i.e. pulled up they are still super low and show off a nice package; plenty of guys are wearing them now, some gay and some straight. Best are men wearing woman jeans that have lycra 2% para stretch and woman jeans have better fit, look much better than men jeans, which look like wearing a potatoe sack. Of course too tight is not good, but a good snug fit is very sexy. In my opinion its HOT

Are gay guys the most fashion conscious people?

No, that's just a stereotype. Most gay guys just where whatever they have, like jeans and a hoodie.

What kind of clothes do girls like on guys?

As a girl, this is my personal prefence, others will feel differently:DO'S-In casual wear, jeans that fit well. Not many guys can pull off skinny jeans, so regular ones are good, but it depends on what you feel comfortable with.-I love guys in tight shirts. Not ridiculously tight, but slightly dont have to have a model's body with a 6-pack, i like it on all guys!!! Honestly, if your friends make fun of you and say you look kinda gay, girls probably think you look smokin' hot.-Formal wear is sexy as hell when appropriate.-No stupid slogans on t-shirts, please.-Keep it relatively simple.DONT'S-NEVER wear pants half way down your ass!!!-CLEAN AND IRONED CLOTHES. ALWAYS.- "Gangsta wear" is so unattractive.

Are people that wear Alabama jackets and blue jeans gay?

yes if there austin

Is it gay for men to wear cowboy boots with jeans tucked in?

No.....seriously....why shouldnt they ?

Do gay guys wear skinnyjeans?

Some do and some don't. Just like straight guys.

Is it gay if a boy wears skinny jeans?

no because most boys with girlfriends wear them

Why does Justin bieber wear skinny jeans?

Justin Bieber wears skinny jeans because that is his choice of style.No,that does not mean they're gay.