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something is loose . try tighening every motor mount bolt and frame bolt .gm jim Probably the repair technician was not completely qualified to repair transmissions and was just a "friend" of the family or something and didn't do the job right. You should probably have brought the car to someone who specializes in transmissions and has a good rep. As far as the sound goes, does it happen all the time or just on 280 going up the big hill. There are some Aamco transmission shops near Rockaway so you could drop it off before work. Hope this helps..... Check to see if the engine is properly aligned. If it is too far to one side or the other, the CV joints can cause noises. Improper alignment can also cause major damage to the CV joints. Have the U-joints been damaged? Properly reassembled?

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Q: Had trans rebuilt on 1999 grand am now it feels creaky and clunky in front end when gas or brakes are applied like something is loose as well as wheel well is making strange clanks like something is loose what can cause this?
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