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No he does not. If your for Obama your one big dummy!!!!

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Is John mcCain going to change education?

no he is not! john mccain is not going to do any changes for education!!! no he is not! john mccain is not going to do any changes for education!!!

Did John McCain fight in any wars?

John McCain was a fighter pilot in the US Navy and flew combat missions in Vietnam.

Will John McCain raise the minimum wage?

No. John McCain actively opposes any increase in the minimum wage.

What are some of John McCains past jobs?

John McCain did not have any jobs outside of political ones.

Does John McCain have any famous people in his family?

as far as I one

Does John McCain have any grandchildren with Cindy McCain?

Yes, one named Karodmane, and another named Marie. Or so I have been told....

Did the John McCain campaign receive any contributions from Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae?

From 1989 to 2008 McCain received a total of $21,550

Did John McCain get any medals when he was in the navy?

McCain earned the Silver Star, Bronze Star, Purple Heart and Distinguished Flying Cross.

What is John McCain policy on children's health care?

John McCain opposes any federal expansion of Children's health insurance programs.

Did John Wilkes Booth have any mental disorders?


How many electoral votes did John McCain get from Indiana?

John McCain did not receive any electoral votes from Indiana in 2008. Indiana cast its 11 electoral votes for Barack Obama in the 2008 election.

What are some negative facts about John McCain?

he has major anger issuse can not think of any ratinal answer and he is a racist

Did William Shakespeare have any illnesses?

Yes he did he had a mental problem called

What is john mcains thoughts on gun control in the U.S?

McCain is opposed to any further restriction in gun laws.

Did rl stine have any famous relatives?

Timo Maas the famous DJ from Germany and Senator John McCain

Did John McCain shoot any aircraft down in Vietnam?

No, and his A4 Skyhawk was downed by a SAM (Surface to Air Missile).

Why John McCain?

John McCain is against abortion. He supports drilling for oil, clean coal technology, nuclear power and alternative energy. His plan only lowers taxes, not raising any. He wants to end the war in Iraq after we win. He would cut government spending.

Does john mccain have any dogs or cats?

yes he has 2 dogs, a English springer spaniel and a mutt, and he has a black and white cat

Do John McCain and Cindy Lou Hensley have any biological children?

John and Cindy McCain have 3 biological children: Meghan, John Sidney IV, and James. They also Bridget, who was born in Bangladesh. John and his first wife Carol have one biological daughter, Sydney. John also adopted his first wife's two sons, Doug and Andy, who were born before John and Carol married.

What was John McCain's master's degree in?

John McCain graduated from the US Naval Academy in 1958. He never earned a Master's degree, or any other post-Baccalaureate degree.

What has John McCain done that is bad?

(The answer below refers to John S. McCain III, U.S. Senator and Presidential candidate, born in 1936.)While attending the U.S. Naval Academy, John McCain did not always follow rules and had conflicts with his superior officers.Despite a high I.Q., John McCain sometimes studied only just enough to pass courses.Some considered John McCain careless as a young pilot.After John McCain returned to his family from 5 1/2 years as a prisoner of war, he had several extramarital affairs. He began a relationship with his second wife before obtaining a divorce from his first.John McCain agreed he was guilty of poor judgment by creating an appearance of misconduct in accepting contributions from a savings & loan while it was under Congressional investigation. McCain was cleared of violating any law or Senate rule, however.In a country where the political divide is as sharp as it is, the positions taken by any executive or lawmaker might be labeled "bad" by political oppenents or supporters of the opposing party. But the same positions might be called good or even virtuous by the other half of the citizenry. Thus the answers here to this question do not, and should not, contain subjective judgments about political positions.

How many people voted McCain?

Everyone voted for McCain,well any body that's COOL!!

What experience does McCain have?

He doesn' have any. (he is a virgin)

Do penguins have mental poblems?

Of course, penguins do not have mental problems; you cannot say that a species of animals has mental problems. As in any species, one particular bird or penguin might suffer from the problem, but, not the whole of the species.

Were John McCain and Barack Obama ever been friends?

No. They worked together in the Senate and there's no evidence of animosity, nor is their any indication that they were friends.