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when i was 15 i got pregnant. i was 16 1/2 weeks along (4 1/2 months) and i had a miscarriage. i already new what my baby was. it was a girl we had a name picked out and everything. Hailey Lynn but i lost her. now im trying to get pregnant. and if i do im hoping its a girl. im going to name my first girl hailey Lynn in memory of the baby i almost had. im now 17 and still havent been pregnant since.Yes...I am sixteen and currently 6 months along...but when i was 14 i lost my first baby at 5 months...I was kicked in the stomache repeatavly by the father...Scince then i have been pregnant 5 times and lost all my babies..i wasnt supposed to be able to carry a baby after that but loook now...i have my beautiful child that I cant wait to meet. Everything will work out. i just realized that that child wasnt ment for me.AnswerI am 14 years old. Few months a go I have been nearly pregnant 3 times already from the age of 13. But i have never been successfully pregnant. To be honest, me and my boyfriend (who is now my ex-boyfriend) discussed it when i thought i was pregnant, and we both agreed we would keep it. We talked about the living life style, how we are going to manage, whose place we are going to live in and everything. I was happy, and funny enough, i wanted to be pregnant. But to be honest, 3 times, and i havent been pregnant, and it is a bit obvious i cant have a child. It hurts. But i still have hope. Maybe in the future? But knowing i cant have a child, feels like i lost a child. But at least at this moment i am looking after my education and living my teenage life. But seeing mother around with babies, especialy them teenage mums, i cant be feel a bit annoyed but jelouse. But for those who lost a child of their own. Im sorry to hear it. I know from what i feel i can compare to how any young girl had to go through the loss of their child.

Hello. I was 15 yrs old and 7 months pregnant when I lost my daughter. It is the hardest thing in the world, not just because the loss is final, but because you always believe in your heart that there was something more to do. The baby's dad was not around at the time, so what I remember the most was sitting by myself in that cold hospital room, waiting to give birth to my deceased child. It was a lonely experience and not one I would like to repeat again. What helped my was holding her, even though she had passed, to let her know that even though she was gone, that mommy still loved her no matter what. It has been almost 4 yrs and even though the memories are fresh, the pain is not so raw as it once was. I know that no amount of "it will be alright" can help as all you'll want to hear is that your child isn't really dead. But please believe that God had intended it to be so for a reason and that things will get better. I am now 7 1/2 months pregnant with my second child, and all is going well. Just goes to show that with a little faith and some time, this too shall pass. Please write me at\emmicah if you wanna talk or just want someone who understands. God bless.

AnswerHi, The pain from the death of someone we love feels overwhelming (I believe) because the loss seems so final. We know we are all going to experience this with our loved ones because it's part of the whole journey, but none of us expect to outlive our children. These, or any feelings, seem to be even stronger for young prople, (I believe) because when you are young there is an expectation that you can do anything and life will go on forever.

One of the common feelings, that seems to happen, eventhough in most cases there is nothing we could have done to prevent it, is what I call the "coulda', woulda', shoulda'" syndrome. These guilt feelings are all part of what we have to work through. No matter what your spiritual space may be, for myself and others I've known, in time we discover our loved one (yes we fall in love with our babies from the first kick) seems to be with us in spirit to keep close and share our thoughts.

Please allow yourself to greive, it's a process that takes time. But realize in time, you will start to feel better because your'e supposed to, and you will probably gain strengths you can pass on to others some day.

There are groups for greiving that you can find through your county mental information lines (no shame). I strongly encourage you or your loved one (if this is some relative's question) to fine one of these groups. You are with people that understand what you are going through and you don't have to say anything if you don't want to, just listen so you won't feel so alone.-Big Hug.

Answerloads of people i know have had loss but they still cry and talk about it Answeri was 15 years old when i got pregnant with two identical twin boys. my water ruptured prematurely, so i went into labor at 23 weeks gestation. they told me specifically that baby boy 1 would die, and baby boy 2 had very low chance of survival.. when my boys were exactly 7 days old, baby boy "2" passed away from internal bleeding; and baby boy "1" (the baby who i was told would die) was thriving. he is now a healthy 11 lbs and 8 months old. in fact, he's in the room next to me sleeping peacefully. he was not released from the hospital until he was 205 days old, but i have him home with me now and that's all that matters. the hospital i delivered at gave me lots of support with my son who passed away. they have support groups, but that's not really my type of thing.. I'm the kind of girl who likes to sit and think and remember and just cry. and it helps.. i know that he is his brother's guardian angel now, and I've accepted that he was here for a reason, and he served his purpose on earth (to help his brother survive). he was just too precious for this earth, god wanted him back so soon. I'm so sorry for your loss; there are families out there who understand, and would love to be your support system (i would too!). your baby will never be forgotten, ever.

"A mother holds her child's hand for awhile, but their hearts forever."

AnswerIm 14 years old and i had just been pregnant a couple weeks ago. I had an appointment for an abortion but what my mom didnt know what that i was gunna run out cause i did not want to do that i had become emotionally attached to my child inside me. unfourtunatly i had a miscarrage at 2 months pregnant it was the worst experience of my life i was devistated and still am. i had blead for a good 2 weeks and to think that i would have had a little boy or girl in about 7 months is heartbreaking. my boyfriend of a year and i are devistated. Answerim am 13 and have been pregnant 3 times. my 1st pregnancy ended at five weeks and i was devestated my 2nd pregnancy ended at 8 months when i was in a car accident and that was worse than the first because i knew i was having a girl and i was going to name her Isabella and call her Bella. my boyfriend of 5 years has been through everything with me and we are very excited about the pregnancy. we should already have at least one child but maybe we werent ready. i am in my ninth month and am ready to give birth any day now. our school has helped us out a lot and our parents have been a great support. i hope everyone out their is blessed with a child and May God Bless You. Answerdon't get me wrong, to the 13 and 14 year olds, yes it is devastating, but you're body is not ready for it you should not be having sex at 13 and 14 and you REALLY should not be getting pregnant continuously. it's called birth control or condoms, something you're body is not fully grown it should not be going through that yet.the person above me has the best answer, u really shouldn't even have sex at 14

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