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Has anyone ever committed suicide because of overly aggressive tax collection efforts by IRS?


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someone that did go suicide probably had that on there list of why their life sucked but for that reason alone no.


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If your bankruptcy is currently active, collection efforts on the student loan will cease until the bankruptcy inactive at which point collection activities will start again.

Your wife's bankruptcy should not affect you unless you have joint debt. In that case, the creditors can pursue collection efforts against you.

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Generally, a creditor will attempt pro-active collection efforts after a debt is sixty (60) days past due.

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YES, its called an AUTOMATIC STAY. ALL collection efforts must stop as soon as they are notified of your filing.

IA, SC, OR, MA, IL, and MI. NH is one too, but only after collection efforts are unsuccessful for 30 days.

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A Collection Agency that "owns your debt" can not garnish any wages. Assume that the collection agency in their efforts to collect the debt for their client, sues the debtor and then provoke that the Court works an arrangement to pay the debt, if the arrangement includes garnishment of wages then, the Court can garnish salaries. And there is laws to garnish wages that apply to every state.

Typically it is NOT the collection agency that adds "extra fees". When the original creditor has exhausted all of it's internal collection efforts, it sends the debt to a collection agency. The agency is typically paid on a contingency basis (meaning they only get paid if they collect) so the original creditor will add collection costs to the original debt. Collection costs can be whatever the creditor deems appropriate, though it's usually in the 30% range. If you don't like the fees, be careful about the contracts you sign. We all sign the same contracts. The lenders cover themselves ahead of time because they know a percentage of their loans will go into default. If your account is in default, you will pay for it one way or the other. That's how it works.

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