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Caffeine is not a true stimulant. Rather, it enlarges blood vessels, and blocks neural receptors that try to accept the dopamine which would help the person relax. It works like a diode, and not a power supply. It is a valve, and not a pump. The increased blood flow to the brain may help a person feel more relaxed, due to increased oxygen to those tissues.

This is why you can drink caffeine, and still not be stimulated. Yet, if you increase your metabolism, either through stress, arousal, or physical activity, then caffeine will keep your metabolism elevated.

Alcohol is a depressent. It dulls pain receptors. It lowers inhibitions. It impairs judgement. If you feel less pain, and use poorer judgement, then you may do physically more difficult tasks. However, accuracy and dexterity will suffer. Alcohol may elevate mood, if you can forget your stress and sorrow.

Alcohol is a drug. As such, it will affect different people, in different ways. Some people get rowdy, becoming a clown or a brawler. Others sulk and gripe. Still others get drowsy, and want to sleep.

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Q: Has anyone found caffeine to be a relaxant and alcohol to be a stimulant?
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Is caffeine safe for everyone?

It is a common stimulant and if taken in moderation, it should be safe for anyone. Though I wouldn't be giving it to young children or anyone with an underlying health condition that could be worsened by this common stimulant.

Can a 9 year old overdose on caffeine?

Of course anyone can overdose on caffeine.

Who abuses alcohol?

Anyone can

Why are you so sick wnen you drink lemonade with Phenylalanine in it. . Have very bad Headpains and suffer with wanting to vomit .?

According to a pharmacist I spoke with, phenylalanine basically is a stimulant much like caffeine. This makes me wonder if the "caffeine free/sugar free" sodas are being a bit (or a lot) deceptive? If people think they're avoiding the stimulant, caffeine, and drink these, then, perhaps they're being mislead? Migraine headaches were my reason for eliminating caffeine and chocolate from my diet. While, technically, chocolate doesn't have "caffeine" in it, it does contain Methylzanthine WHICH IS THE ACTIVE INGREDIENT IN CAFFEINE! After eliminating caffeine and chocolate, there were NO MORE MIGRAINES, going on 30 years now. So stimulants were the source of my headaches and Phenylalanine "can act as a stimulant". Recently, I've noticed some info on the net that suggests that Phenylalanine is helpful to people with Shingles! Consider then - Shingles is a virus which affects the nervous system, derived from the Chicken Pox, and STRESS is what activates the virus. Physicians say that rest is the only way to recover. (Antiviral drugs "might shorten severity and length of symptoms", but they still don't kill out the virus. Caffeine and other stimulants are to be avoided! So, can anyone tell me WHY WOULD ANYONE SUGGEST THAT PHENYLALANINE COULD HELP!!! Don't know if any of this applies to your situation, but it might be worth considering.

Who is abusing alcohol?

Anyone who consumes more alcohol than appropriate is abusing it.

Is alcohol for kids?

No. Its illegal for anyone in the US under the age of 21 to drink alcohol.

How many people has alcohol killed?

Alcohol has not killed anyone. However, the abuse of alcohol has been associated with many deaths.

What is caffeine craze in zoo tycoon 2?

when you have a certain number of coffee stands caffeine craze is activated. anyone who drinks coffee walks faster. There is also one to do with cotton candy, it has the same affect as caffeine craze.

What are the dangers of caffeine?

Caffine is a diaretic meaning that it dehidrates you. Is a stimulant which means that it makes your body produce adrenilin and release stored blood sugar into the blood stream. which means that it is really bad with anyone with blood sugar problems and interfears with sleeping cycles. It is addicitive and if you get addicted it gives you all sorts of symptoms such as headaches.

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What percent of people are murder by alcohol?

None. Alcohol is an inanimate substance. It can't "murder" anyone.

What caution should those taking CNS stimulates take in regard to caffeine use?

Because caffeine stimulates the nervous system, anyone taking other central nervous system (CNS) stimulants should be careful about using caffeine.

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