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Having a tubal ligation makes no difference to your periods. If you have a hysterectomy you will no longer have periods, well not the bleeding anyway. If you do not have your ovaries removed you will still have pre-menstrual symptoms (if you have them) but you will no longer have cramps or bleeding. If your ovaries are removed as well you will go into the menopause.

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Q: Has anyone had a hysterectomy years after getting a tubal ligation and does that create complications later on down the road with your periods?
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Does being sterilised stop your period?

A hysterectomy removes the womb where the blood gathers. So after a hysterectomy you get no more periods. But if you have had your tubes tied (tubal ligation) then you will continue to have periods.

Do you still get your period after a tubal ligation?

Yes, you certainly do! A tubal ligation doesn't have anything to do with the uterus. It's the uterus that sheds the lining (blood) during the periods. If however the uterus was removed (hysterectomy) then & only then would the periods be gone.

Can you be pregnant after having a tubal ligation and still have periods?

Yes, my sister got pregnant after she lost a baby do to a tubal ligation and she did have periods.

How can you cease having periods?

Have a hysterectomy.

How do your periods stop with tubal ligation?

Periods has got nothing to do with tubal ligation. It may happen that you may get some type of chronic infection, at times. It may be spilled out in the peritoneal cavity. The ovaries may be affected. As a result the periods may stop. But this is very rare and theoretical.

Miss 2 periods 1 year after a tubal ligation is that normal?

I had a tubal ligation a year ago after ther birth of my son and all my periods were normal upon until now, i missed to menustral periods, could this be a sign of cnacer?

Will you have menstrual periods after hysteretomy?

No, you would obviously no longer menstruate after you've have a hysterectomy. A hysterectomy is where the uterus is removed, if you have no uterus then you have no uterus to shed (menstruation).

Can you be pregnant even though you have your periods and underwent a tubal ligation?

The odds would be overwhelmingly against it.

You are spotting between periods 1 year after tubal ligation?

Most likely u are preg

Can you get missed or late periods after tubal ligation?

Yes it is common, especially if you already had that issue before.

Can a woman get pregnant after 16 year tubal ligation and have 2 periods in one month?

Yes, my friend did!

What can i take to stop my periods?

Nothing that will not damage you permanently. Periods are a natural part of life. The only way to stop them without harmful side effects of medication is to have a hysterectomy.

Do you still menstruate after a tubal ligation?

Yes . The tubal ligation interrupts the flow of the egg to the uterus but doesn't effect the hormonal flow to the uterus. You still have normal monthly periods with all the associated discomfort.

Does a late period in a woman who received tubal ligation mean she could be pregnant?

Tubal ligation is not 100 percent effective, although it is nearly so. However, one ramification of the surgery is that periods can be irregular.

Can you get a hysterectomy for having painful periods?

Yes this is one of the reasons you may be offered a hysterectomy after other methods of pain relief have been tried unsuccessfully e g Birth control pills etc.

Can you still go through menopause even after getting a hysterectomy?

Yes. Menopause happens when estrogen is no longer present. If the ovaries remain after a hysterectomy, the normal cycle (except bleeding) will continue until the natural time for menopause (but it is rather unofficial because the bleeding periods stop sooner due to their discontinuation after the hysterectomy). If the ovaries are removed, menopause will follow quickly. Because of the higher risk of osteoporosis, HRT is normal post hysterectomy treatmet in younger people, and that will also delay the onset of menopause.

Is it possible to not have a period?

Certainly. Males do not have periods. Females do not before puberty, during pregnancy, after a hysterectomy or after menopause. Periods may also be irregular or non-existent if seriously malnourished.

You had a tubal ligation and have had regular periods but this month it is very light What could be the problem?

It could just be stress or dietary changes....but considering the increased risk of tubal pregnancies after tubal ligation, it it wise to check with your DR.

Can you have missed periods after a tubal ligation was done within 3 months?

not most of the time it is rare ide see a doctor if i were you............

Can you have a longer period do to a failed tubal ligation I have had my period now for 10 days?

I had a tubal ligation after my fourth child jan of 2011 my periods have been different ever since but I have never had one this long or with as much blood

Can a woman still have menstrual periods after a hystorectomy?

No, a woman cannot still have menstrual periods after a hysterectomy. Menstruation is the shedding of the uterine lining, if there's no more uterus there's no more menstruation.

Is it possible to get pregnant once you have a tubal ligation My periods have been normal since I had my tubes tied but Ive been havinf these spasms in my lower left abdomen. Could I be pregnant?

You should not be able to get pregnant after a tubal ligation.

Do you get your periods late after having a tubal ligation?

yes sometimes it just depends on your body. yes sometimes it just depends on your body.

Do you have period after tubal ligation?

Yes! Tubal ligation is a form of sterilization that involves interrupting the fallopian tube so that the egg from the ovary cannot reach the sperm as they travel through the uterus and into the tubes. Your period is a function of the cycling of the hormones that your ovary makes. Since tubal ligation does not affect the function of the ovary, you will continue to have periods.

Do women have a period if have hiv?

HIV does not prevent women from having periods. If a woman was getting periods before getting HIV, periods are likely to continue until menopause.