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Has anyone heard of a book called Father was a Horse and who wrote it?


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March 16, 2012 7:26PM

Another answer. I bought this book from a market stall in Cambridge when I was about 13 (I'm now 66). I always thought this was the most brilliant book I had ever read. I too loaned it to someone and never got it back. I've been trying to find another copy ever since. I have now discovered it on both ebay and Amazon, priced at £102. Wow! I don't think I paid more than sixpence. (and that was my week's pocket money

I used to own this book. I unfortunately lent it to somebody who never returned it. Sadly I no longer remember who it was, nor the author's name.

It dealt with a family called "Charles", with two sons called King and Prince and a daughter whose name might have been Flora. Father played a horse in a pageant or similar. I would love to get hold of another copy, but can find no trace of it.

I too am searching for information about this book, on behalf of a friend, who read it in 1957 at the age of 17. As far as he can recollect, it dealt with the two sons getting up to all sorts of pranks and he thinks it was placed in Somerset.

After a bit of researchng I have discovered that the author of 'FATHER WAS A HORSE' is/was Sidney Charles George(1898-?).Born in Grimsby. Lincolnshire he spent some time in Australia. He was first published, I believe, in 1937('CAIRO CARD'). He went on to write a great number of popular war novels and young adult books. In 1952 his book 'THE PLANTER'S WIFE' was made into a film starring JACK HAWKINS and CLAUDETTE COLBERT. In later years he abbreviated his title to 'S.C. GEORGE',and it is that name that appears on one of his most successful books, 'JUTLAND TO JUNKYARDS',(1979?)

FATHER WAS A HORSE was published in1955 by THE MUSEUM PRESS. I would like to hear more about this little known author and his book but, unfortunately, his books are all out of print at the moment (as far as I know).

I have since established that the author's name is Sidney Charles George. But I haven't located the book yet.