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Have Olay vitamins been discontinued?


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2008-01-07 03:27:48
2008-01-07 03:27:48

It seems that they have. The major retailers no longer carry them. Please check the Olay website for information.


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That is because Olay have discontinued this particular product and replaced it with Olay white Day cream and Olay white Night cream.

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It has been discontinued and they link to Complete Plus Ultra-Rich UV Moisturizer as an alternative. However, Olay Complete Touch of Sun is another tinted moisturizer that's pretty nice and might be a good alternative to the tinted one that they discontinued. It's got kind of a gradual tint to make you look more tan as you use it.

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The Olay site says it's being "repackaged". I currently use the Quench Active Hydration Green Tea. Nowhere on the "repackaged" product do I see any reference to the Green Tea formula.

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Leave is singular, so it should be "leave has been discontinued."

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Yes, Twigs have been discontinued.

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