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What do you need to know about it. If it's anything like the one I used to have it's a fine shooter.

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Where is richland arms co?

Richland Arms Company was in Blissfield, Michigan from 1960 until 1983. Founded by Thomas Hoagland of Richland Furs after a trip to visit to the gun factories in Spain and Italy. the Hoagland family still resides Blissfield. s

Where can you get parts cheep for an 1851 navy made by richland arms co Thanks?

The Richland Arms 1851 Navy was made by Armi San Marcos of Italy. Try VTI Replica Gun Parts for replacement parts.

From what company in Italy did Richland Arms import the 1851 Navy Colt in 36 cal you need to know in order to purchase a cartridge conversion Thanks?

They were manufactured by Armi San Marcos of Italy I believe.

Richland arms 10ga double barrel shotgun?

i have a 10 ga., double barrel "over & under". stamped on the barrel it says "made in Italy". on the other side of barrel is "Richland Arms Co.". I'm also a bit puzzeled and confused. Know anything ?

What is the value of an old Richland Arms Co 50 cal muzzle loader?

I found a used Richland Arms 45 cal muzzle loader today. The gun shop had it for sale at $225. I almost bought it but I know nothing about the Mfgr. On the barrel was stamped "Made in Italy" and Blissfield Michigan. Hope this helps.

Where can one find information on touring Italy?

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1861 e Whitney revolver marked richland arms co on barrel ser no 31smnos 860 Italian made 36 cal any info would help?

Whitney replicas were made by Palmetto in Italy. They were imported by Navy Arms and Richland. Last imported around 2004 current stock is drying up. The piece is a good addition to a Civil War replica collection.I have been looking for a nice example for display. Contact me if interested or for thir current value.

What state invented pizza?

pizza was invented in Italy if you were looking for a state in Italy idk

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What quality of revolvers did the Richland Arms Company in Blissfield Michigan sell?

Neither the Standard Catalog of Firearms nor the Blue Book of Gun Values lists any revolvers under Richland, only shotguns imported from Spain or Italy. Judging from the values these two references assign to the shotguns sold by Richland, I would suspect that they are rather utilitarian. They should work well but not be particularly well-finished or highly decorated. I would assume that any revolvers they imported would be of similar quality.

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Anything about a black powder pistol made by Richland arms Co made in Italy?

Richland Arms imported BP guns back in the 70's and 80's mostly Italian and Spanish made guns. Pietta and Armi San Marco were the most popular makers imported. They were located in Blissfield MI. As for value, compare to F Lilli Pietta.

What is info on a powder revolver stamped Richland Arms Co with the numbers 79699 and three other small markings?

Richland Arms was an importer in Blissfield, Michigan, until 1986. The guns they imported were mostly made in Spain or Italy. You probably have a replica of some Civil War era revolver. If it's Blonde colored wood it's probably a Richland Arms Co. Kentucky style pistol. I have a Richland Arms Flintlock rifle called the MICHIGAN rifle in .45 cal. and a wonderful rifle.The arms are rare now and were inported in the 1960's to early 70's. I assume the company is out of buisness now as there's no info to be had on them. The Richland caplock rifles were dangerous so I'm told by a master gunsmith and a friend. The Yorktown was named for blowing off the drum, stripping the hammer and chipping wood out of the breech area. .

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