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A rubber burning smell and smoke near your two front tires could be the result of sticking calipers. The brake line could also be the cause of the burning smell.

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Why does my car a 01 dodge intrepid have a grinding sound by the tire when I brake My brake pads are good and were recently changed?

Even though the brakes were recently changed, I would have the brakes taken apart and inspected. Something may have gone wrong.

Why does your car smell like burning rubber and slow down quickly when you let off the gas?

Check your park brake. Did you leave it on?

Why does your silverado smell like its burning after the rotors and pads were changed?

mine did the same thing and would not stop until i changed the brake lines also, then it stoped.

Would your brakes smell like rubber burning if the master cylinder needed to be replaced?

I advise you to perform a careful examination of your car's brake system.

What is the rubber portion of the brake is called?

if you are talking about brake as in like fourwheeler brakes or car brakes the rubber part would be called the brake pad

Why do your brakes smell like burning rubber I have replaced the brakes but there is a really bad smell of burning rubber after just a short driving period What could be causing this?

If a calliper is "hanging", it could be causing the brake pads to press against the rotor and overheat the brakes. You may want to see if the calliper is dragging.

It normal for a car wheel to smell like burning rubber after a brake job?

Yes, it is normal, as the tyre, due to friction, becomes hot and so, the burn smell comes out of it.

Can you use rubber fuel lines to replace your brake lines?

You can not use rubber fuel lines to replace the current brake lines due to the high operating pressure. You will need to replace them with brake lines, the rubber brake lines has a different construction to hold the pressure and not getting eaten away by the brake fluid, brake lines can hold over 2000psi when the pedal is heavily applied

Can you use brake fluid for tire shine?

No, brake fluid is damaging to the rubber of a tire.

Does brake fluid need to be changed?

Brake fluid does not need to be changed as oil is but constantly needs to be replenished.

Why do your brake lights flicker when you don't press the brake?

mabie they could be burning out.

1993 dodger ramcharger and the left front tire brakes after 10 15 miles driven.Ive changed the caliper and the lines.?

The rubber brake hose could be at fault.

Your brake blinker and hazard lights dont work you changed the fuse in the fuse box you changed the brake light bulbs and you changed the the oob switch on the brake pedal what could it be?

Have an electrician check the wiring that goes to the brake lights in the trunk of the car.

What is a rubber portion of a brake on a bicycle called?

a block

Why does my 1995 Dodge Caravan smell like it's burning 8 days after I changed the brakes?

One of the brake may be dragging or staying on. Check the calipers and hoses.

1998 Olds Intrigue making a loud humming sound when driving stops when brakes are applied you recently changed all the brake pads What can it be?

It could be the wheel bearing.

Can power steering fluid be used as brake fluid?

No. Brake fluid is not a petroleum product. Power steering fluid is. Petroleum product will swell and ruin rubber part's brake system is full of rubber parts. You will destroy your brake system using power steering fluid.

What is meant by brake pedal pads?

It would be the rubber pad that sits on your brake pedal. Unless they were referring to brake pads, which are the pads which enables your vehicle to stop by pressing the brake pedal.

Why are there rubber sleeves on evacuated tubes?

Because rubber is harder to brake than most materials out there and it doesnt attrack electricity

What keeps burning out the brake light switch?

its the screw by your paddle

Brake lights stuck on?

brake light switch at the top off your brake pedal the little rubber bumber is worn out or the switch is out.... very easy fix

Will dot 4 synthetic brake fluid deteriorate the rubber seal and hoses in a dot 3 required brake system?


When the 1991 Acura turns off the back taillights stays on What is the problem with the car?

on the brake pedal there is rubber or plastic pad that when the brake is pushed in the button pops out and the brake light go on. if the rubber/plastic pad brakes there is an empty hole and the brake lights will stay on all the time. this may not be what your looking for, but good luck

What is different between a brake line and hose?

Newer cars use brake hoses made of rubber. Older cars use brake lines made of steel.

Car steering wheel shakes pulls to left?

brake caliper is sticking due to faulty caliper or rubber brake hose.

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