Have you cheated on your spouse?

No. Cheating is wrong.

Another Answer

Is cheating such a big deal? Perhaps it is a normal in-built genetic urge to mate with a variety of partners that has led to the diversity of homo-sapiens. Perhaps this is why we have survived for so long. Are we over reacting? Who said cheating was wrong? What motivated them to say that? Is it not quite unfortunate for someone to go through life and not enjoy the feeling of romance with others? Of course children must be cared for and both parents have obligations there, but if the mother or father at some time feels a need for external company, can we say this is wrong? None of these questions on cheating have even offered a clear definition. For some people, cheating may be as simple as a kiss. What is the difference between touching someone on the arm and touching them on the genitals? These are only body parts. If I believe something it does not mean I should force my belief on someone else. We all should learn to better ourselves rather than strive to curb the activities of others. If your spouse is cheating, I say leave them alone. It's their body and their right to do what they want with it.