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Yes and its very delicious.

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How is naan bread eaten?

The naan roti is mainly eaten with mutton curry or chicken curry.

Where is chicken curry mainly eaten?

Chicken curry is eaten all over India by ppl who eat meat abr every region has their unique way of preparing it some like it spicy some dont

What types of food is eaten in turkey?

curry rice bread and chicken

What types of food are eaten in Iraq?

Curry, Chicken and Rice OMG,wheat pudding.

What are some of the foods eaten in India?

Tikka masala, curry chicken, japati or Somoza

Its it curry chicken or chicken curry?

It is chicken curry - and it is very nice! x

What food is eaten most often in India?

Tikka masala, curry chicken, japati or somosa

What is a difference between curry and masala?

Curry is the gravy which is eaten with bread. Masala, on the other hand, is the mixture of spices which is used to make the curry. For example, Tandoori Chicken Masala is added to make Chicken Tikka Masala (the curry). Masala is a mixture of spices finely ground together, which gives curry its taste.

Is a curry chicken real?

yes it is it has a curry taste on the chicken

Is curry chicken yellow?

Yes curry chicken is yellow

What is the traditional food eaten in Mauritius?

the most popular food eaten counted as traditional food are chicken curry, Dal poi (street food) and a pure mango

How would you describe the smell of chicken curry?

You could describe the smell of chicken curry as spicy. You can taste the variety of spices when you eat chicken curry.

Can frozen take away chicken curry be re-heated?

Absolutely Yes! Frozen chicken curry can be reheated and eaten easily. Nowadays alot of people prefer frozen food as it it easy to cook and also fast too.

What are some good points about chicken curry?

The best thing about chicken curry is the curry. Chickens do not belong in curry so I would advise leaving them out.

What is Mauritius's most famous food?

curry curry as in a chicken curry.

How do you make chicken curry?

There are several different versions of chicken curry. You should do an internet search for chicken curry recipes and see which one sounds better for your taste.

Is chicken curry a protein?

Well, chicken is meat and meat is protien, so I guess chicken curry does contain protien. &:)

What are some popular chicken curry recipes?

There are a few chicken curry recipes that stand out above the rest of them. Tandoori chicken would be one type of curry, and this is also related to another recipe called Butter Chicken.

Is the chicken tikka masala a curry?

You can ask for Chicken tikka Masala (dry / gravy) the gravy will be a curry.

At what temperature do you bake curry chicken?

350 degrees F. is a good temperature for baked curry chicken.

How do you cook chicken curry?

Get a chicken and put it in the oven

How much chicken curry do I make for 100 people?

The amount of chicken curry you make for 100 people varies. If everyone doesn't eat chicken curry then you can make significantly less. It is safe to make enough chicken so that everyone can get two pieces. You should make enough curry to support that amount of chicken.

Which country does chicken curry from?

Chicken curry is a South Asian/Indian dish. The word "curry" comes from the Indian word, kari. Karimeaning sauce.

What is a good curry?

A good curry is chicken curry. It is very spicy and will delight all that eat it.

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