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nope. Mirena is a 99.99% effective Birth Control device, meaning it prevents pregnancy, but not STDs. If you're unsure weather or not you're partner is infected, please use a condom. S


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Pregnancy on Mirena is unlikely. Pregnancy with a period is unlikely. Pregnancy on Mirena with a period is very unlikely.

The mirena should be in the uterus. If it is in the vagina your partner will feel it and it may fall out on its own. It should not work when in the vagina as it is supposed to work on the uterine walls.

Not unless you had no barrier when you ejaculated into her. If you had the condom on and ejaculated into the condom while you were inside of her, then exited her and changed condoms (unless the condom broke) you could not get her pregnant. The only way for her to get pregnant is if you ejaculated into her or emptied your fluids into her (and most condoms have spermicide). If neither are the case, it is nearly 0% chance that she could get pregnant.

It is possible that you can get pregnant after Mirena is removed even if you are bleeding. If you don't want to be pregnant, use another method of birth control.

Yes, even a little still means there's sperm in it that can fertilize your eggs.

Yes, although there is a smaller chance than if he had ejaculated inside your vagina but it is still possible.

I don't think so but for the future if you don't want to be pregnant, please use a birth control method!

I guess what u are trying to say is that If you pennis does not enter the virginal and you ejaculated can she still get pregnant? No she cannot

No you couldn't to get pregnant the boy would have to have ejaculated in you for you to be pregnant. but just because you have sex right after your period doesn't mean you cant get pregnant sperm stays in your body for 5 days after a boy ejaculates inside you so you should still use a condom

it is possible to pregnant with the IUD take a urine test

Yes you will most likely be pregnant as you read my answer now! One drop of Semen is enough to make a baby so you are pregnant. You should still take a test though.

Yes, you can still get pregnant if your ovulating. When the pre-ejaculated fluid enters your vagina the sperm will still move towards the egg.

Condoms are a good source of contraception if you use them properly, and they do not tear/break. If the condom didn't tear/break then, even if they did ejaculate inside you, there is very little chance you would get pregnant.

It's possible to get pregnant on Mirena, but rare. Your pregnancy tests are negative. Absent periods are a normal side effect of Mirena.

if the condom was torn and u were ovulating then ---there is a high chance u can get pregnant because u are fmost fertile on ur ovulating days.

He knows. And, even if he didn't there is sperm in the pre-ejaculate so yes, you can still get pregnant.

Yes; you can still get pregnant from pre-ejaculate as well because a males pre-ejaculate contains sperm.

It is POSSIBLE to become pregnant if the sperm is ejaculated around the vaginal area but not necessarily inside you. The chances are remote but it has happened. Always avoid genital to genital contact during sex by using a betcha but that tail on the sperm makes them able to swim... so they can still get inside on a "near miss"

Yes, because sperm can come out before ejaculation. While it is less likely, there is still a chance that you can become pregnant if no other method of birth control was used.

Maybe 1/6th to 1/10th the normal risk of getting pregnant if he ejaculated deep inside you. And there is still the risk of getting a sexually transmitted disease as well.

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